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By Marc, a 'semi' universalist

I could never accept mainstream Christianity, so was never really a 'Christian' in the modern sense.

I have had a few experiences with 'God' which I cannot deny...I really cannot, and so I do believe in a creator and cannot be swayed from that belief, although to clarify...I believe that the creator or force of the Universe is love itself...
...But, the Bible at best (for me) was a confusing mass of contradiction.

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However, I did find Universalism (which you can read about at

Did you know that the early church for 500 years after Christ were 90% Universalists?
Did you know that the Greek word AION and the Hebrew word OLAM were wrongly translated to say 'eternal' when they do not mean eternal, but rather 'an age'?

Did you know that Jesus never said the word 'hell'? In fact the word 'hell' was not even a word until 720 AD (After Jesus).

Did you know that hell comes from the word 'hel' which means a covering? (As in a helmet, hole etc)...In other words it means something hidden and is used to describe the grave and derives from the Greek word 'hades' and the Hebrew word 'sheol'?

Did you know that in the NT when Jesus refers to hell, He was actually most of the time talking about death (a covering, something unseen, hidden etc) or Gehenna, which was a garbage dump outside Jerusalem?

Did you know that KOLASIS, the Greek word mistranslated as 'punishment' actually means 'to prune'/correct, chastize for the betterment of the offender?

Did you know that most of modern Christianity bases their beliefs on a 'wicked' pagan called 'Augustine' who was 'ignorant' of Greek. (He said he 'hated' it, and so the Latin Augustine (who couldnt understand the original Greek (the Grecians found Universalism in their own Bibles), misunderstood and falsely mistranslated what the world now accepts as 'Christianity'.

Did you know that early historians (both Christian and non-Christian) refer to hell as a 'fairytale to keep the simple in line?' Did you know that these Christians and non Christians (some of whom were Universalists) even said that the 'literal terrors of hell were false but should be used to keep the simple in line as their is no other way to lead them to piety and good-living?'

It's just food for thought.

Like I say, I still believe in a creator, just not a God of love who would torcher most of His own creation (made in His own image) forever in a literal fire! And anyone who would worship such an 'image' of a God must be somewhat sick in the head or just plain damn afraid of such a tyrant, hence not worshiping this deity out of anything else but fear, and certainly not out of love.

If a God of love was in control of the Universe, wouldn't the reasonable outcome of that be that MOST of His creation be saved???

Who would Jesus burn forever in a fire?

And yet Jesus is the image of the invisible God according to the Bible.

Lastly I was fed up of modern Christendom twisting the words of scripture.
1 TIM 9-11, clearly says that Jesus Christ is the saviour of ALL men.
In Adam ALL died, in Christ ALL will be made alive but each 'in his own order'. (1 COR 15:22-24).

God wants ALL mankind saved (1 TIM 2:4).

God works EVERYTHING out after the council of His will (Eph 1:10-11).

Jesus gave Himself a ransom for ALL to be testified in due time. (1 TIM 2:6).

Jesus is saviour of the WORLD. (John 4:42).

In Jesus is the restoration of ALL things. (Acts 3:21).

Jesus will give eternal life to as many as God gave Him. (John 17:2).

God gave Jesus ALL things. (John 13:3).

.....I could go on all day, but the point is that men has twisted these scriptures, and I don't think that EX CHRISTIANS are on the whole refusing an all loving God, but are refusing the bullcrap they have been fed all their lives.

I just wanted people to know all this stuff, as I know how hard it can be to live without any faith at all. There is still hope in the bible, as their is hope in other ventures and ways of life and in NDE's and such things.........I guess I just want people to be happy and hope that my post might speak to someone and give them peace and joy...I'm not saying "RECONSIDER CHRISTIANITY", I'm saying "Men get it wrong a lot", and it's good to keep our options open, and I'm saying "Dont hate the creator, because we don't know enough about Him...If we are going to hate anyone, or dislike anyone, or be angry with anyone, I believe it should be warped men who have twisted the words of the bible for their own financial gain and to control the masses and have rendered it 'useless' for many.

My email is if anyone ever wants to chat about anything i have said, or if you are interested in Christian Universalism, which really is the TRUE Gospel (if there is a gospel), because gospel means 'good news', you should check out or do a utube search for Christian Universalists to hear more on this rather fascinating subject....Or just remain an atheist or agnostic! It's your call, I just wanted to offer my tuppenceworth and have a final 'dig' at the modern church.