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The Nature of Evil

By Rebekah ~ E vil isn't some force that actually exists, it's a concept we assign to events that we find undesirable. Such events occur because evolution is the survival of those that are best suited for their environment, this allows room for all sorts of undesirable events to occur. People's behaviors are driven by the results of evolutionary pressures which molded their DNA and their environments. The God hypothesis doesn't bring us any closer to a resolution to the question of how did life begin. It just pushes the question back a layer, to how did God begin? Or, if an infinitely complex being can exist forever, why not the universe? If some infinitely intelligent and benevolent being had set evolution in motion, they would know it doesn't make sense to punish us, especially so severely, for being what we were created to be. From the Christian perspective, how do you explain evil? Why does God give the devil so much power, to the point he can roam the en

Reasons for my disbelief

By Rebekah ~ T here are many layers to the reasons for my disbelief, most of which I haven't even touched on here... When I think of Evangelical Christianity, two concepts come to mind: intense psychological traps, and the danger of glossing over and missing a true appreciation for the one life we know that we have. I am actually agnostic when it comes to a being who set creation in motion and remains separated from us in a different realm. If there is a deistic God, then he/she doesn't particularly care if I believe in them, so I won't force belief and instead I will focus on this one life that I know I have, with the people I can see and feel. But I do have a lot of experience with the ideas of God put forth by Evangelical Christianity, and am confident it isn't true. If it's the case god has indeed created both a physical and a heavenly spiritual realm, then why did God even need to create a physical realm? If the point of its existence is to evolve to pas

The Blame Game or Shit Happens

By Webmdave ~ A relative suffering from Type 1 diabetes was recently hospitalized for an emergency amputation. The physicians hoped to halt the spread of septic gangrene seeping from an incurable foot wound. Naturally, family and friends were very concerned. His wife was especially concerned. She bemoaned, “I just don’t want this (the advanced sepsis and the resultant amputation) to be my fault.” It may be that this couple didn’t fully comprehend the seriousness of the situation. It may be that their choice of treatment was less than ideal. Perhaps their home diabetes maintenance was inconsistent. Some Christians I know might say the culprit was a lack of spiritual faith. Others would credit it all to God’s mysterious will. Surely there is someone or something to blame. Someone to whom to ascribe credit. Isn’t there? A few days after the operation, I was talking to a man who had family members who had suffered similar diabetic experiences. Some of those also suffered ea