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Why Religious Traditions Suck

By Carl S. ~ F or more than a dozen years, I've followed the testimonies and comments on this site. The most responses ensue whenever a troll comes in to caustically criticize or preach. It's weird, so much time, energy, and emotion wasted in arguing and fighting over beings that don't exist! On that note, here's a quote from children's author Robert Munsch:  “I'm not saying there isn't a God, but there isn't a God who cares about people. And who wants a God who doesn't give a shit?”  Why waste time on those who suck up to superstitions? It'd be interesting to find out how many believers don't believe in the “theory” of evolution, but believe wholeheartedly in conspiracy theories. For that, they can thank religion. I've spent most of my life as a humanist, not a believer. It's a really good feeling I've tried to share with others, and sometimes their attitude is “fuck off.” Really, many people don't know they're enc