Mice more Compassionate than Christians

One Way

I am Glad that I have found you all!

Pastor arrested for rape of congregant

Clergy Misconduct: Not Only a Catholic Problem

Keep up the good work

Free Thinker's discourse

Losing My Religion

The Emperor's New Clothes


Free At Last

Pastor Facing Abuse Charges Flees to Mexico

Pastor arrested for sexual assault of 11-year-old

Pastor to stand trial on porn charges

Pastor arrested: web sex charges

Homeless or Jesus?

The Jesus Dynasty : The Hidden History of Jesus, His Royal Family, and the Birth of Christianity

Annoyed by the stalled growth in maturity

Breaking the tie that binds

It's like Cancer

'Miracle baby' pastor held in UK

This is my testimony

At the Crossroads

Youth minister charged with sex crime

Guided by History

Chapter 1: Leaving Home

Atheist Pastor

True Happiness depends on Yourself

A tale of two books (one religion, one science)

Ex-Christians in the Pews

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Meaning of Life?

God would not allow the lions to hurt him

Reflections on hell

The Dark Side

To Shiver in the Howling of the Night

1 Plus 1 Equals 3

Borrowed Holiness

Pastor sought on sex charges

Jesus Pan

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