Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

God, Lies and Faith

Christian parents, beware!

The New Atheists on Organized Freethought

The Enemies of Reason

Christian Soldiers: a report by Dan Rather

21 Unconvincing Arguments for God

Scientific Arrogance?

Brother Jeff in 2008!

Trying to pick up the pieces of all I once "knew"

What if everyone stopped believing in god?

Creationism's disingenuous "Crossroads"

Here's What the Evangelical Christian Must Defend

Reason: the best counselor

You have no true understanding of God, Jesus or the Holy Sprite

Conversation with Ismael (a Muslim)

Action Item: California Wildfires & Secular Charity

Dumbledore is gay, author reveals

Who Deserves Heaven as a Reward?

You were never a Christian

New Research into the Origins of Life

Inconvenient Inaccuracies?

Hate on Trial

Rightly Dividing The Word

Spirit in the sky

Obsession -- Radical Islam's War Against the West

Christians declare war on those evil athiests

16-year-old pastor's son arrested for shooting parents

Halloween a serious threat to Christians?

The Sacred Book of Kush

Origin of Vision Discovered

Oral R.U. Without Dick ?

Religion: Threat to Public Health?

A couple of comments on Pascal’s Wager and the Hellfire and damnation factor

Abominations that are causing desolation

Many people use God as a temporary fix

Christianity is a crock

Oregon Pastor Arrested for Sexually Abusing 8 Women


Can a skeptic believe in God?

The Violent Heritage of Christianty

Church pastor dies while enjoying unusual hobby

I wasted good satire

Called by GOD to preach?

Where are you, God?

Breaking Up With Jesus

The War on the "War on Christmas"

Sam Harris' Problem with Atheism

Freethought Week

I'm an atheist in the Bible Belt -- What do I do?

Christianity taught me...

How to quit worrying about global warming and be happy

Prayer guidlines published for Muslim astronauts

Eternal Forces strike back

Wisdom, comfort, and direction from the Word of God?

How do you handle grief?

Questioning my assumptions

Flapjacks for Flo

Christianity: Out With The Old...

Is there "free will" in Christianity?

To any ex-Christians in New York

Atheists spread the word

Christian camp leader jailed for child sex abuse

Oral Roberts: True Christianity

Welcome to This World

Skeptic Bible Study: Pedophilia in the Bible

Freethought Radio on the airwaves

Skeptic Bible Study: Jesus Never Existed

Pastor charged in wife's death

Norway flourishes as secular nation

FFRF Puts Up First-Ever Nontheistic Billboard!

AoG pastor on trial for rape of grandaughter

A House Divided

The love of the Creator is inside everyone

Freethinking atheism leads to Communism?

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