What were the Christian Crusades?

What next?

Sharing Our Truth with the Vaguely Religious

Atheist Preacher

16 Common Myths About Atheists

Atheist Wins Victory in Libel Suit Against Minister

I love you guys

Why I despise religion

Eternity in hell

Double Deconversion

The Great Infidels (1881)

Paradise Lost

How did I become an Atheist?

Quit gambling with eternity!

Spinning the Bible: The 2000-Year-Old Scam

Deliver Us From Evil

The truth shall set you free!

Interviewing God


Pastor charged with molestation of boy

An interview with author Sam Harris

Youth pastor arrested for molestation

The truth

An Atheist Tries Jesus

True Muslims

Jesus Christ has returned!



Richard Dawkins on BBC News

A Challenge to Religious Believers: Just Go Cold Turkey!

Atheist opposes act

An eye on disbelief

Gay animals condemned by Christians

A challenge to any theist...

Flirting with Westboro Baptists

Ali G debating religion

Saying Grace

Good Without God: Secular Humanism and Morality

Landover Baptist Pastor Preaches to Atheists

All Truth is God's Truth

A Mother Now

Phelps cancels protest at Amish girl's funeral

thank god for critical thinking... oh wait... never-mind :)

Reinforcing the Fairy Tale


Are you really looking at yourself?

The perfect religion

Southern Baptist Foundation Scheme in Arizona

Judge received death threats after ruling on intelligent design

The Wedge Document

The Omnipresence of God: The evolution of my thought

Reality Sets In

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