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Love, Honour and Obey: Say what?

By GFAdams --

I was online when I saw a picture of a woman with a chain on her neck with a golden lock on it. The name of the picture was called submission, and a light went off in my head.

The real reason why a lot of women are not really into the marriage thing because it's a recipe for a man to act like a tyrant and to be backed up by scriptural references.

It never fails to amaze me what the marriage vows actually said. One particular passage that always got under my skin was the "love, honor and obey". What? Excuse me? Whose bright idea was it to include obey in the vows? I want my dog to obey me. I want the person I spend my life with to be my equal and cooperate with me.

It also comes to my attention that so many "Christian men" want women to obey them completely. If he's beating your ass, cheating,blowing the family finances, you still have to obey him and take the abuse."Cause God says so". Fuck that! I have no problem telling authority when they do something wrong.

Marriage in theory is a sweet notion of devotion and wanting to spend you life with someone you truly care about. The dark side of it when mentally and or emotionally unstable men use it to put a strangle hold over their female partners. Some, but not all of these men will find any scripture that upholds their need to control the woman they are with. Now I have never been married before, but I have had men try to use the bible to control and manipulate me. Needless to say that didn't happen in either case. These men had met their match in me.

I refuse to let some old, dusty book give some insecure, slimy man the power to tell me what I wear, where I can go and all the other "lovely benefits that many men use to their advantage" when it comes to marriage and the Bible.

It really does seems like this "God" character really has a problem with women. Someone said it best:
Suppression of female energy in our society leads to a war mongering, violent angry culture ("God culture").

Sounds a lot like our current culture, doesn't it? We are truly out of balance because of the damage done with -- at least in part to -- Christianity's needs to (in one form or another) keep women on a leash, locked up, bound up, quiet, and under the control of their male counterparts, .

Tupac said it best:
"And if we don't we'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, that make the babies"

If I ever decide to get married, I'm changing all that marriage vow stuff. I just hate that women are treated like children according to the Bible. "Obey me!"

You are not Andre the Giant, my father, the police or anybody else. Get that shit outta my face.