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Nakedness is a sin!

Questions from Houndies --

I wanted to get some thoughts from my ex-Christian peeps about some stuff I have been considering in the book Genesis -- just to reinforce the ridiculousness of it all, really, and maybe make some good conversation.

Eve and AdamImage by M.V. Jantzen via Flickr

First, the fact that Adam and Eve were made naked by God.

Okay, if god made them naked it obviously wasn't considered a sin to be naked. So, I guess my question is if God didn't consider it a sin to be naked, why did eating from the tree suddenly make being naked a sin? To put it another way, if eating from the tree gave them knowledge of good and evil, how did it suddenly make something God saw as okay (the nakedness) a sin or a bad thing?

Secondly, the Garden of Eden was a supposed perfect place and there was no sin, right? If god told Adam and Eve not to eat the apple, but they made a conscious decision to disobey (decision occurs before the actual eating of the apple which was what I thought the first sin was), wouldn't that mean that sin already existed? They disobeyed a direct order from the big guy. Also, if the garden was perfect, what was an evil serpent doing there looking to lead them astray by suggesting they sin?

Wanted to get your feed back on these things. no Xtian input please.