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All roads lead to the doghouse

sent in by Meg

I was born & raised in Seattle, one of the most agnostic cities in the nation. I grew up in a largely non-religious household; my father was (and still is) basically agnostic, while during most of my childhood my mother was in a crisis of faith and on her own spiritual path. She experimented with a lot of different religions when I was a child, so I remember going to church occasionally, but I don't remember ever being compelled to attend or being told what to believe.

I should mention that my mother was also an alcoholic, because that plays a significant role in both her religious experience and mine. When I was around 16, my mother hit rock bottom, and had what she believes was a healing experience. She discovered Jesus and quit drinking because she believed that God had healed her of her alcoholism. (Whether she's right or not, a positive thing is that she has been sober for 16 years now.)

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The Responsibility Of Omniscience

sent in by Steve

Geworfenheit2001 at aol dot com

One of the attributes that are ascribed to God is that of omniscience. Most Christians and theists take the strong definition of omniscience when they apply it to God, meaning that God knows everything, past, present and future, including supposedly free choices made by human beings. I have pondered this idea for quite some time and for me there seem to be many difficulties with this concept, particularly with reference to God’s knowledge of future events and decisions as I will explain shortly.

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Christian Fundamentalism Can Devastate a Family!

sent in by RUTH STONE

When I became a Christian, it was because I wanted to do something 'right' for myself and my children. I wanted to have the rules all spelled out for me. And peer pressure (most of my friends were already churchies). But I also remember reading the Book of John and being inspired by Jesus. He said things that made sense to me...things that I could agree with. So I started going to a church where it all changed.

Yes, at first it was all about Jesus...his love and his forgiveness. Who doesn't want a clean slate? But, with each Sunday sermon, the Jesus that lured me into the church became less and less visible. Suddenly it was the harsh, jealous, smiting God who loomed large. But, by then, I was already deep into it, and felt like I couldn't back out.

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I know the bible is crap but then how do I explain THIS?

sent in by Curious and curiouser

Hi this is a GREAT website and I may post a couple more times cos I'm new to this (only started really de-converting about two months ago!) Hope that's ok?! :-)

Enjoying all the testimonies, they help a LOT! Now, let me cut to the chase here. I no longer believe in the Bible, biblegod, jesus etc. BUT.....Ritchie's testimony about his penticostal experiences prompted me to write this, had been thinking about doing so anyway as I want to hear your views.

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The Dirt Under the Rug

sent in by anonymous

I'm 22 years old, and have just recently found the freedom that had long awaited me. I was born into a church of Christ cult, and I accepted everything I was taught until high school. Upon entering high school, I sensed that something just wasn't right about the atmosphere at church. The youth group excluded me because I wasn't breaking the rules. They were basically one big clique. There I was, following the rules, being a good little Christian girl, while the other kids plunged into the world that we were taught to avoid. During my freshman year in high school, I joined a Christian club where I was told that the coC was nothing more than a dead church. At that time, I still believed in the Christian God, but not the coC version of God.

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Reality is better

sent in by Marsh

Like so many other people of this world, I became a Christian thru birth. Before I was able to form a complete sentence or thought I was in Church with my parents. Most of the family members on my mothers side are die-hard Christians. So the influence of the church was apart of my everyday life. Every time we had a family gathering of some sort we would form a huge prayer circle while one of my aunts or uncles would have the honor of talking to God.

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No longer mormon

sent in by Michelle Pederson

I joined the mormon church to make my hubby and his family happy but I was miserable. So I stopped going or having anything to do with it. My husband, for a few months now, is finally getting that the church is full of bullshit and not true. So we sent a letter to member records in Utah to have our names removed from the records, so it will be like we were never apart of it. Thank goodness!! :)

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What a Fool Believes

sent in by Lord Umbra

In 2002 I quit going to church. I had been a professing Xtian since ‘97. I converted late in life at the ripe young age of 37. My religious experience up until that point had been nil. I just suddenly “got religion” and joined the crowd.

I got deeply involved and was serious in my faith. I taught and preached both in church and at the local Rescue Mission. I eventually was made an elder in the fall of ‘01.

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Answers anyone?

Hi Dave.

I was wondering if you could possibly post some questions for my wife and I on your site so people can respond. I need some answers, and am not sure where the best places to look are.

Im not the best seeker and finder. Others can glean from this as well. Or if not maybe you could help steer me straight.

Thanks- Tim

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People are the same everywhere you go

sent in by Rob

My life has been fucked up since I was teen. It's all good though because I've got great friends and family that have helped me all my life. Molested by a female music teacher at 12, parents divorced when I was like 13, mom was institutionalized for manic depression at least 15, 16 times before they could find suitable medication for her when I was fifteen through nineteen. (I suck at remembering what happened when, to much pot)

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My path, my choice

sent in by EternalDarkness

The original version is in the "Testimonies of Former Christians" section of the ExC boards. I've since expanded upon the story to include more information. It was originally supposed to be a little jot in reply to one of the other posts here, but it turned into an essay.

My story basically goes like this:

Like most of you ExC'ers here, I grew up in a Christian home. However, I always felt... "disconnected"... from the religion. I feel somewhat unique, however, because I was exposed to different denominations.

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religious experience true or in my mind?

sent in by richie

My name is Richie, Ive been raised mostly in a penticostal envirenment, up until a few years ago. I have been reading stories on this site for about 3 years, and I have to tell you that I appreciate all of you for telling your stories. Leaving christianity has been a long hard road, sometimes I feel like I am going insane.

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I'm leaving; but I'm missing it

sent in by anonymous

I became a Christian when I was five. I recently turned 30 and am trying to finally leave it...and all of the happy fake people. But I'm struggling; not because I miss church, or miss the people; I don't miss the guilt and the confusion, or feeling terrible about simple things, like loving hip-hop or dancing or trying to figure out how to have a balanced view about sexuality. I miss, miss, miss God.

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Freedom From Religion...

sent in by Caligula

I was born Roman Catholic. Now I know a lot of the fundies tend to think Catholics are evil…which I find to be much like the Ku Klux Klan calling the skinheads racists. Nevertheless, for those who don’t know, its extremely boring, mass is a like an hour long sleeping pill….and the communion crackers are like cardboard….if they gave out Oreos or something like that….maybe I would have stayed. My parents used to drag us to church every Sunday as well as on Christmas. So I grew up believing the usual God and Jesus stuff. One day, my parents decided to send me to Sunday school. The problem was, this Sunday school wasn’t even a catholic one, it was protestant. ( we still laugh about that to this day ) So I go...maybe twice and they literally had to drag me kicking and screaming...

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Free at last! Thank logical thinking, I am free at last!

sent in by Edwin Wollet

Like a lot of people, I was born into the shit. The early years were particularly mindnumbing, since my parents (and therefore myself) were charismatic Christians, washed in His blood, anointed, etc. We would do the speaking in tongues bit and the falling down (slain in the spirit) and the anointing of heads with oil. Then we switched to the Catholic church. Different style, same substance. "Jesus Christ died on a cross for your sins. You are a sinner. The only way to get to heaven is through complete obedience to Jesus Christ." What a load of guilt-ridden crap. But, coming from a small, Midwestern town, that's the norm.

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From Belief to Disbelief

sent in by Jason

Well, here it goes!

I really don’t know where to start as it has been such a crazy journey. Since I always started my Christian testimony this way, I guess I will tell you guys that I was not raised in a Christian home or in any religion for that matter. Religion was not talked about and it was not necessary. Life was fine without all the god talk.

However at the age of 21 I got married. We were both young. She was 20. She did have some understanding of Christianity and she shared her beliefs with me, but it was not something that controlled our relationship. During our short lived marriage, we visited several non denominational churches. It was good for us. We would go, listen to the sermons, maybe throw a little money in the plate, and then go home. It made us feel like better people. We just figured, hey people grow up, get married, and go to church..right?

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Jesus, the World's Biggest Lie

sent in by Ian

I was not born into a Christian home. Quite the contrary. I was born into an abusive household with heroin addicts for parents. My biological father was a Japanese immigrant who was never there, and when he was there, he beat the shit out of me. My biological mother was also guilty of this. It was common place for my mother to burn me with cigarette butts, or to beat me within an inch of my life. My sister was born when I was but 3 years old. Since my biological mother was too busy shooting up dope to take care of us, we usually went without food. Most of the time we wouldn't have electricity. One year later, at the age of 4, after more abuse and hospital visits, the State stepped in and took me and my sister out of the house.

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17 and strung out on confusion

sent in by Cj

I posted a testimony here a while back, but I still feel like I haven't fully left Christianity. I want to but I can't admit to myself that so much of my life was so false and pointless, as well as the people. I miss my Christian friends, and my community, and I want to be accepted and loved by them again, but I don't even think I believe that they are real friends.

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I finally had ENOUGH

sent in by Tim

My name is Tim. This is my de-conversion story. Prepare to be sickened!

One day, my live-in girlfriend (now my wife) suggested we go to this local church she and her family attended in her youth. (she stopped at age 17) It was this church's 25th anniversary and her mother (devout xtian) invited us to the sunday service. (At this point, the only exposure I had to xtianity was a few years of being dragged to services at a seventh-day adventist church twice a month by my grandmother when I was between the ages of 4-7.) At age 30, I knew absolutely nothing about the bible or church. So, I decided why not. Hey, it'll probably score points with my girlfriends mom, right? And maybe it will make me a better person.

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Egg on my face

sent in by Riley J


I was born into Mormonism. My mother’s parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. My mother was disowned for turning to Mormonism after leaving an abusive home. I’m not sure if she was abused or not. People make up those things to get pity or demonize others for not getting love. My parents were never there for me. They were never there for themselves as a matter of fact. They have never had any expectation for themselves. When I was five, I woke in the middle of the night after a nightmare and told my mother I did not want to go to hell. She has no answers for me. She said to go back to bed. I knew from that day on my parents didn’t know shit. My non-active Mormon parents always perpetuated the Mormon belief, by never went to church much. The missionaries would come to the house while my parents were gone somewhere and search for coffee and cigs.

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Journey to Disbelief

sent in by Christian L. Ambrose

I grew up as a devout Christian and "won a few souls." Anyway, as I got older I became less religious. I never really did believe in some of the fairy tales that kids believe in today. I reasoned my way out of Santa Claus belief and the Easter bunny and tooth fairy was never emphasized to me. Especially as I became older, I did not believe in supernatural things (those beliefs eroded away as I saw more of the real world and learned more science.

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Author of Confusion

sent in by Lee A. Watters

In retrospect there were many things that led to my deconversion, however, I would have to say the main thing is Biblical Contridiction.

When one really studies the "word of God", you have to conclude, on a literal interpretation, that it just doesn't work. Now, from a non-literal view, the Bible becomes a much more useful tool, more in the line of philosophy.

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Why I Became An Agnostic

sent in by Steve

It may be considered ironic that what eventually led me to my present agnosticism was a study of theology. It all began about nine years ago when I was a delivery truck. My route took me to an area where I was able to pick up a Christian radio station. I began to listen, especially to this one particular radio evangelist who didn't really preach sermons, but rather had more of a lecture format in which he discussed many theological issues. I was intrigued by his knowledge and style of presentation. He really "dug deep" into many theological issues.

One week he was doing a series on predestination. I had thought about this issue before, but it was presented by this evangelist with such depth and clarity that I began to think more about the issue and it's implications.

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Milan bans 'blasphemous' poster

By Irene Peroni BBC News

Dan Brown sparked controversy with his novel based on Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper - now a French clothing company has followed suit in Italy.

The authorities in Milan have banned a billboard featuring an all-female version of the 15th Century fresco, which the fashion house itself says was inspired by the hotly debated book.

The campaign has run without controversy in both Paris and New York.

But its use of religious symbols could offend Milan, the town hall ruled.

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He Did Not Go Willingly

by Reverend AtheiStar

Christians often parrot what they've been programmed with. Their savior's fictional execution is no exception. This, of course, as usual, comes from Biblical ignorance. They don't read their book and so they don't know the characters very well. It's a good thing we do. Without us, they'd be lost!

Here are two verses that prove that Jesus, according to their own mythology, didn't go willingly. He was forced by his sadistic father. This makes sense in light of Isaiah 45:7. Free will is just as nonexistent as they are!

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The Fashion of the Christ

Witness the greatest story every told, retold in a very superficial way.

Jesus is back, and taking the world of fashion by storm.

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Probably Never a "True Xian"

sent in by orzelw

My parents had given mainly only lip service to religion up until I was in my mid-teens. My mother was the one to rattle off bible verses, mixed in with other common folk sayings. Meanwhile, my half sister, fourteen years my senior, had become involved with the CoC and graduated from David Lipscomb College, marrying a preacher in the process. Then by the time I reached my mid-teens, my parents were having marital difficulties. My mother insisted they join the CoC and establish a religious foundation. I stood off to the side and watched.

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5 Years of Hell

originally posted Wednesday, January 09, 2002 by Spider Monkey

Long, rambling, un-PC, and extraordinarily snarky, but hopefully worth the read.

The drama started in 1995, when I was 13. My father had "found the lord" that summer when I was staying with my grandparents. Being the naïve, sheltered child that I was, I had squashed out my initial doubts and began believing the xian propaganda about the loving biblegod and his abilities to change people. Before the saga began, I had had limited experience with the Southern Baptists during vacation buybull school. I was a loner, an outcast among my peers, and I wasn't getting along with my parents. During this time in my life, I was often suicidal and depressed. I was happy that I would finally become part of a loving church family….

Was I ever wrong.

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Christian Evolutionists

provided by Ed BabinskiDid you know that Michael Denton has changed his view from evolution being a "theory in crisis," to evolution being a fact of nature? Denton even told the Discovery Institute that he no longer wished to be described as an "associate" of that institute.

Although Denton's book, Evoultion: A Theory in Crisis preceded Behe and Dembski's works, Denton no longer finds evolution to be in such a "crisis" not anymore.

I also wonder what creationists and I.D.ists think of Christians who accept Darwinistic evolution, and reject I.D. arguments?

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Beautiful delusions and bald reality

sent in by Botond Balázs

I didn't choose this. If I could choose, like Cypher in The Matrix, between happy ignorance and heavy-hearted knowledge, I don't know what I would decide. But, sadly or fortunately, if one has the blessed talent of logical thinking, and the courage to use it on every idea one comes across, even if one's whole previous life is built on that particular idea, then there is no choice.

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Don't who made it or why, but it is entertaining - if you like rapping along to the KJV!

Too funny...

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judeo-christian mythology

sent in by Benjamin Thomas

I was raised in a Christian family, went to a christian school, and was well educated in biblical tenet. I just have some questions that were never answered in church or school. If there are so many beliefs in the world, why is Christianity the only one you believe is true? A good number of them have been around longer than it has been.

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