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Thank God/dess!! *wink*

sent in by Lady Sidhe works

Simply put, I started reading the bible. I was just really indifferent religion-wise, before that. Never really thought about it, never really impacted my life, wasn't a churchgoer, wasn't a proseletyzing believer. It was just something that was there.

I started reading the bible just for the hell of it (no pun intended), and it just annoyed me that God was portrayed as this vengeful, violent, warlike, intolerant murderer. That's not how I saw God. I figured, "If God were perfect, the way He's supposed to be, he wouldn't have human failings. God of love, my ass." Then I read Ken's Guide to the Bible. THEN, my boyfriend at the time suggested Wicca.

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from fundy christian terrorist-wanna be to positive humanist rocker

sent in by joe blow

I was born into a very strict southern fundy family, grew up in private school, My family is all involved in the Ministry at some level, pastors, missionaries, I was a youth pastor at one time. I was looked upon as a uncompromising leader in the church. I naturaly found bible studys interesting, I commited whole heartedly to the Faith, I led bible study & prayer groups in public schools, I led downtown witnessing teams, I led youth groups and preached at the pulpit a few times.

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sent in by Roy

This is a long overdue post . I would have liked to post this way back earlier, but due to my work commitments, I have decided to post this a little later than I would have wanted to, especially since Pope John Paul II's death. Better late than never, so here goes.

I have, for the past ten odd years, declared myself an atheist. And for some reason, people do not have a accurate perception what atheism truly entails, especially religious fundamentalists, who approach me from time to time, attempting to pry me away from the clutches of medieval demons and beasts.

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Exposing Christian Propaganda for What It Is

sent in by Timotheus
email: elpoeta at dmailman dot com

During my time as a fundamentalist inerrantist christian, I subscribed to various apologetic newsletters, most of which I still continue to receive. Prior to the beginning of my journey to deconversion, I greatly enjoyed reading this material, and eagerly anticipated receiving and devouring each issue for the purpose of defending the faith. These collections of propaganda I have amassed include news journals from Koinonia House Ministries (Chuck Missler), Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham), Times Square Church Pulpit Series newsletters (David Wilkerson), and Harvest Ministries (Greg Laurie), to name a few.

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From Minister to Honest Doubter: Why I Changed My Mind

Recently former Christian minister and author John W. Loftus contacted me and sent me a copy of his new book, “From Minister to Honest Doubter: Why I Changed My Mind.”

Let me start off by stating categorically that this book is an absolute “must have” for anyone who has left the Christian faith or is having serious intellectual doubts about the Christian religion.

While the book starts out explaining some of his experiential reasons for leaving Christianity, the 216-page volume goes far beyond a mere personal testimony and dives deeply into the elemental contradictions and concerns that weaken the underpinning of “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 1:3)

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I Chose Deism

As someone who gave up "big C" Christianity forty years ago, I recognize some of the anger inherent in the transition, and applaud this site for giving Xs a place to unload their pent-up anguish.

What puzzles me, however, is that many of the folks here have replaced one form of negativity and absolutism with another, and thus seem to be intellectually in a not very different trap from the one they've recently escaped.

I read comments, for instance, about Mary...rather than being a virgin...having been raped by a priest - or being the daughter of Tiberius, of all things. There is no more evidence (or logic) behind statements like that then there is behind the original lie. How about this...Mary was a young Jewish girl who married a nice Jewish guy and had five or six kids; one of who was named Jesus. The birth myths only began appearing a generation or so after Jesus' execution... we needn't slander either Jesus or Mary for them.

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Just Wanted God to Answer My Prayers

sent in by anonymous

Well I started out in the religion realm as a Muslim, born to muslim parents.

At the time that I can remember first becoming a Christian I was in a foster home, and the family was Methodist. My brother and I were the center of a really nasty custudy battle between my mother and her ex. Some genius judge decided to sentence me to foster prison, I mean care. I had a hard time dealing with being away from my parents so my mother tried to help me deal with it all by teaching me to pray. Religion in our house had been open and never pressured onto us, I was the kid who begged to go to Mosque to hear stories about God, Heaven, Angels and Miracles. Of course she being Muslim, taught me to pray in Arabic. When we talked about God we used the Arabic word for God, Allah. My foster parents went nuts the first time they heard me say Allah. So instead of being left at a neighbors when they went to church, I was taken along to enjoy the Christian "Truth".

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Totally Unnecessary

sent in by Jason

I grew up believing that I was in the one True denomination in the one True religion. I was a Seventh-day Adventist, God's chosen remnant church, commissioned with spreading God's truth to everyone, including other Christians who had the wrong message. Basically Seventh-day Adventists believe that the final dividing line between God's faithful and those who have fallen away, is whether you go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday. Pretty stupid, huh?

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Mormons-the Israelites never made it to North America

sent in by Stormwarden

My name is Stormwarden, and I am an ex-mormon. To be honest, I quit the church well before the last straw. Having read The Bible cover to cover and the Mormon Trilogy as well, I felt I believed it less and less. I was baptized at age 10, and became a member of the priesthood at 14.

The last straw came the week of 9/11/01. I saw then the hypocrisy of not just the Mormon church, but of so many others as well. They claim to be of mercy, yet these places are usually the first to throw the switch. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell only confirmed my thoughts of the Xian faith. They didn't look for a moment at the truth of things: a combination of religion and historical blindness (much of our messes started with the Reagan administration and its meddling).

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Jesus Christ Super Cop #3

We've been told all our lives that when JC returns it will be with a flaming sword to dole out judgement and punishment on all those who oppose him and his chosen few.

What if what John saw was a flaming gun, and he had no other way to describe it?

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The Historical Evidence for Christianity—Is It Enough?

By John W. Loftus, author of From Minister to Honest Doubter

Here I will examine whether or not the historical evidence for Christianity is enough to lead someone in today’s world to believe. I will claim that it isn’t. I start with German critic Gotthold Lessing’s (1729-1781) argument with regard to historical knowledge, personal experience, and the necessary truths (or conclusions) of reason when it comes to the Christian faith.

“Miracles, which I see with my own eyes, and which I have opportunity to verify for myself, are one thing; miracles, of which I know only from history that others say they have seen them and verified them, are another.” “But…I live in the 18th century, in which miracles no longer happen. The problem is that reports of miracles are not miracles….[they] have to work through a medium which takes away all their force.” “Or is it invariably the case, that what I read in reputable historians is just as certain for me as what I myself experience?”

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Jesus had it coming...

I'm sure my testimony will contain nothing new- born into xtian home, raised to believe in all this nonsense, got out as soon as I could, blah,blah... My real story begins after I lost my faith, when I first realized just how fucked up my head was (and still is) from all of these "teachings".

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I decided I no longer believed

sent in by Jen

I was raised christian. My parents are divorced and I spent half of my childhood with each parent and each parent had different beliefs but were (and still are) christians.

The first half was with my dad. He attended a Church of Christ. They believe music (even in church)is a sin, dancing is sin, etc. along with all the usual "sinful" things like cursing, impure thoughts and so on. My dad made me go to church everytime the doors were open. I remember always falling asleep it was so boring.

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provided by Edward T. Babinski

Dr. Colling is a fundamentalist Christian and chair of Biology at a fundamentalist Christian college, and also author of Random Designer: Created From Chaos To Connect With Creator. According to Dr. Colling, "It pains me to suggest that my religious brothers are telling falsehoods" when they say evolutionary theory is "in crisis" and claim that there is widespread skepticism about it among scientists. "Such statements are blatantly untrue," he argues. "Evolution has stood the test of time and considerable scrutiny... What the designer designed is the random-design process," or Darwinian evolution, Colling says. "God devised these natural laws, and uses evolution …

How Children Believe....Scary but Eye Opening

sent in by Sandy

My parents were Christian, my grandparents were Christian, everyone a Christian. However, my Christian parents divorced when I was five and my mother married an agnostic. I still went to church occassionally off and on throughout my early childhood, teenage years and twenties. At age 30 I got serious and wanted to truly live a life pleasing to God.

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The Bible destroyed my faith

sent in by Jo

I was born into a practicing Catholic family. I became VERY religious in my early teens, so I decided to devote my Sunday afternoons to reading the Bible. Well, I was horrified by what I read. I don't like violent movies, so you can imagine how I felt reading the Old Testament. I was also troubled by the sexism of the New Testament, such as wives obeying husbands, man being made for God and woman being made for man, etc. I wondered what if my husband was wrong about something and I was right. Was obedience still required? What if I'm smarter than my husband? Why did different sex organs and hormone levels make men preferred over women in God's eyes?

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Letting Go

sent in by Jodi

Even as a child, I felt that there was something horribly, horribly wrong with what I had been taught, but I could never really put my finger on it. I was a good Christian, loving God with all my heart, loving Jesus more than I could stand. But, somehow, as I grew, church began to make me sick.

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Why dont they understand

sent in by ARTIST"X"

The other day I was walking into a store minding my own business and an older man came up to me and handed me a paper and said "God can put a smile back on your face". I struck back by tossing his paper onto the ground and i said "i hope you god helps you get out of my way". I walked away with a grin of achievement on my face because in the past I would simply walk away and toss it in the nearest trashcan. Why do they feel the need to impose their beliefs on me in a public place? It would be different if i were a guest visiting his damn church. I admit that I was an ass to this older man but he was pushing his god on me, its like assault and battery with a deadly god.

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Christian Vomit

sent in by Jonathon "DeathWorship" Todd

i guess i should start earlier than age 15..

i was born into a heavily christian family so i was obviously forced to go to church every sunday morning when i was a child.. i never actually "got saved" when i was a kid because when you're 5-10 years old, you really dont worry about eternal damnation alot. i always just used to think that if you didnt do anything GRIEVOUSLY wrong (i.e. kill/rape etc..) then you were pretty much straight as far as the afterlife..

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sent in by S.PEMPER

Being raised from day one to be a god-fearing, worshiper of the Christian god whose son is named "Jesus" was almost impossible to break from especially when the foundation of my family’s creed was "spare the rod, spoil the child" or " I am only doing this because god loves you and I love you".

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My Loss of Faith in Christianity

sent in by Optimist

This summarises the process and reasons through which I lost faith in Christianity. You will probably not find anything new or original in it, but if it helps someone who thinks along the same lines that I do then it will be worth it. I apologize in advance for its length - I have never been able to write concisely.

My initial doubts were caused by the same factors that lead anyone else to have doubts in their faith. These were things like...

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Keep up the good work!

Hello! I stumbled across your websight and was intrigued enough to stay and read a while :)

I enjoyed reading the story about "It Is Well With My Soul" ( I certainly had never heard the 'rest of the story'), as well as your life testimony. Thank you for the 'history after the hymn' was educational and enlightening! Do you happen to know the 'rest of the story' of Spaffords daughter, Bertha? I do not, but would certainly be interested in finding out. Perhaps you have sent me on my own quest :)
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Recovering Pentecostal

sent in by cdmon

Hi all,

I've been lurking on this board for the past few days. I find that I share the same sentiments about xianity as many others on this forum. Although I am not an Athiest, but I do find their views on xianity quite refreshing.

I am a recovering pentecostal. I am a Pagan/Witch now and since this is a ex-xian board, I feel the same way as many of you.

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Breaking Baptist Barriers

sent in by Brandon Belden

I grew up literally smothered and confused by the dogmatic and polarizing messages I recieved weekly at our local First Baptist Church. My basic experience was go to church, sing some boring songs, listen to an emotionless preacher, and hope to get out in time for the kickoff of the Cowboys game. Of course 15 years of being dragged to "worship" instilled a fear-based confusion in me that was instrumental in abnormal behaviors and addictions that I adapted in adulthood. My mother was the most self-righteous, hypocritical, insecure woman I have ever met, except of course when she went to play church and "perfect mom" in front of the weekly congregation of Churchians.

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Emptiness of Christianity

sent in by Bria

I was born, raised, and baptized roman Catholic by two wonderful parents.

My bio grandfather insisted i go to a Catholic school. After a few years at a secular private school, I left because the principal had some mental problems.

I went to catholic school for a few years and did not do well academically.
The principal was fake, he put on a front to show he was nice but he was very arrogant.

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Yes, there are a lot of bad things in the church, BUT I STILL LOVE JESUS!

Yes, there are a lot of bad and sad stories to say about the church. Believe me I know them all. I've known people to cheat on their wives, some people are mean and judgemental. Yes, it is confusing to date someone in church, believe me I've been there and done that. Not only that, but I'm part middle-eastern which makes it even more diffacult for me because everybody thinks bad of me before even getting to know me. BUT EVEN WITH ALL OF THAT, I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP BECAUSE EVEN WHEN I WAS IN THE WORST MOMENT IN MY LIFE BECAUSE MY MOM WAS IN THE HOSPITAL AND I HAD NO HUMAN PERSON TO COMFORT ME...

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Child of a missionary

sent in by George Basel

My parents are Christian missionaries with an organization that translates the Bible into native languages. I grew up in Africa until age 18 when I went to a Christian college. I have been a devout Christian my entire life until four months ago when I realized deep down that it was all a horrible deception.

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Free Will versus Determinism

sent in by The Happy Humanist

An excerpt from "Introduction to Psychology" 4th ed. by James W. Kalat:

"Beginning with the Renaissance period in Europe, people began looking for scientific explanations for the phenomena they observed. One of the key points of this Scientific Revolution was a shift toward seeking the immediate causes of an event (what led to what) instead of the final causes (the ultimate purpose of the event in an overall plan). Scientists analyzed the motion of objects in terms of pushes and pulls, and other laws of nature. That is, they made an assumption that everything that happens has a cause, or determinant, in the observable world.

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I Was Possessed!

sent in by Andrew

I was born into a family where my mom and dad were staunch Christians. The insanity started when i was a kid. I used to cry every night as a baby in the middle of the night and somehow, my dad claimed that it happened at AM every night. By some dysfunction in his skull he concluded that i was possessed and got some priest to come exorcise me. And he claimed that the nightly crying stopped after that. This got him very paranoid about "demons" and "devils".

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Does God Exist?

Recently an article was posted with a link to an audio "Does God Exist" debate...which really sucked (the Atheist was very ill-prepared, etc). So, I went searching for some better ones, and found a web site with tons of good stuff.

The website URL is:

In particular, there is a good "Does God Exist" debate located here (in four parts):

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“Does The Christian God Exist?” Debate

NCPC's Paul Manata debated Derek Sansone on the topic “Does The Christian God Exist?” on Friday April 22, 2005. The debate was hosted by North City and moderated by Gene Cook, Pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in San Diego.

Recordings of this event are available for purchase ($2 for Audio CDs and $5 for DVD). See Shawn Dollar to request a copy.

Derek Sansone was raised a Roman Catholic in Syracuse, New York. At age 29, in 2001, he “became a born again Christian” and was an ardent student of theology, church history, philosophy and apologetics. In the spring of 2004, Derek declared himself an atheist. He represents the philosophical position of strong atheism and has participated in many debates with Christians

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Locusts – 1, Christians - 0

© 2005 Tim Simmons

Contrary to what Christians claim, one can never reclaim the years the locusts have eaten. Time lost is time lost. There is no time machine. I often recall the times in my youth that I now consider to be wasted and wish I could somehow get back that time. Not all idle time was wasted but how many times did I hit the replay button on my Super Nintendo system?

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Why do we need the 10 Commandments?

by George Carlin -

Here’s my problem. Why are there 10 Commandments? You don’t need 10. The list of Commandments was deliberately and artificial inflated to get it up to 10. It’s a padded list.

Here’s what they did: About 5000 years ago, a bunch of religious and political hustlers got together to try and figure out how to control people and how to keep them in line. They knew people were basically unintelligent and would believe whatever they were told. So they announced that God had given them some Commandments up on a mountain.........when nooooooo one was around. But why did they pick the number 10? Why not 9 or 11? I’ll tell you why -

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Encouraging de-converting and former Christians

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