Prayer doesn't affect heart patients

Teacher/Pastor arrested in faked deployment

Deity Comparison Test

How can you be sure there is no God?

Sex offender going from church choir to prison bars

Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority, according to new U of M study

Pastor, 59, sentenced to home confinement for groping two young male parishioners

Arrest warrant issued in case of missing girl

Wife Confesses in Pastor's Slaying

The voice of Satan the voice of God or Schizoffective disorder 295.7

The ExChristian Monologues

Evangelical Christian Theology 201

The Renaissance of My Life

Frustrated by ignorance

Couple discovers marriage of nearly two years not legal

Gave up the guilt

The Holy Land — Imagine

Pastor Arrested for Sexual Assault

Active Mormon to ExMormon Gay Atheist

Shackles and Chains of Christianity

Homestead pastor charged with molesting 15-year-old

Pastor Arrested on Sex-Abuse Charges

Written by Men?

I Tried, I Really Tried...

Evolution, not Revolution

I'm a Christian

Get That Bible-Monkey Off My Back

You people are pathetic

Pastor receives 23 years for sex abuse

The Emperor's New Clothes

From Bible-thumper to a Deist

Pastor arrested for indecency with a child

Pastor charged with falsifying loan documents

Ron Jeremy vs. Craig Gross

Ministry Leader Accused of Raping Woman

I'm a christian

If there is a God

Not Anymore

No Longer

Youth Pastor Charged With Fondling Girl, 10

Once catholic, not always a catholic

No Longer One Of Them

Born Again Atheist

Pastor gets 15 to life for molesting two girls

Ancient Perception of Day and Night

Many and Varied....

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