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I think therefore it's true

By Samuel --

Well basically, my name is Samuel. I am 22 years old, and this is my story.

I was 15 when my grandpa died, and I have been questioning God ever since.

My grandpa was an atheist. I was a jerk. I was a loud-mouth Christian teen who told him he needed to believe it, because it's true. I never once thought about his feelings or looked at it from his perspective.

But after a while I started to.

It was about a year later when I was 16 when that I started researching atheism and Richard Dawkins. I have watched literally every single one of his documentaries. I love watching him debate Christians and them not being able to answer in reality.

I pretty much have lost my sense of faith in Christianity or any god for that matter. My mom is a bit mad at me. She is still a Christian and I am still searching for truth although I don't think absolute truth about life is possible to ever be found. I always tell my mom to read the Bible for herself and see how mean God and Christians truly are.

Some things that I don't understand and christians still haven't given me a good explanation to would be,
  • Why does God only allow people who believe in Jesus into heaven?
  • Why does he care so much if we are skeptical?
  • Why cant he just allow all good people into heaven whether you believe in Jesus or not?

Imagine a woman beat and hurt and locked away my her kidnapper for 10 years, and she was a Christian and he was an atheist (no offence to atheists, im just using this as an example), and then the police come and find the woman. Eventually the woman becomes an atheist because she wonders how a god could let her go through that. Then her kidnapper in jail becomes a Christian. Here you have a strange dilema. The woman who was a Christian and was beaten is now going to hell while the evil kidnapper goes to heaven?!

Also, if we knew for a fact that we were all going to heaven when we die, and that no one has to believe in Jesus to get to heaven, and that there was no hell, than there would be no point of being a Christian!!

Now for some psychology. I LOVE PSYCHOLOGY.

Now the reason Christians don’t fear the Muslim God or any other religion’s God is because they don’t recognize those other gods as real. In their minds they have created a world where only their God exists and none of the other religions mater. This is how they are comfortable with not being afraid of other religions. To them, the other religions aren’t reality, but to them, their God is the only reality. It all depends on how you are brought up. Why are Muslims not afraid of the Christian Hell? Because they don’t think it is real. Why are Christians not afraid of the Muslim Hell? Because they don’t think it is real. It all depends on the mind and how you are raised and what you are brought up believing.

For now im still pretty much an agnostic atheist, but any comments about my post would be great.