Confessions of a former Christian

Heaven for the Godless?

Hello Believers

Once you know something, you can't un-know it

The Christian salvation message is the downright stupidest thing to listen to

The more I learned of other myths and the history of Christianity, the less I could convince myself that God existed

Hell is a Mixed Message!

Hearing and Seeing What You Want


The Water of Life

Happy Holidays from ExChristian.Net

A Brief Instruction Guide

I don't NEED to believe in anything anymore

The Anatomy Of Christian "Logic" ... Just For Fun

Jesus vs. Santa Clause -- The Quest for the Historical Jesus, Part 2

Outside Christianity is a whole new world of discovery and endless possibility

The Bible is one of the most violent books I have ever read

I whispered to myself: "There is no god"

Ancient Mythic Origins of the Christmas Story

Jesus vs. Santa Clause -- The Quest for the Historical Jesus, Part 1

The war on Christmas free speech

A Fallen World?

What Child is This?

Christianity didn't offer me any deeper answers

If You Open Your Mind Too Much...

War on Christmas?

I'm finally living my life

Filling the void

Vatican issues document condemning biomedical technology

A Brief World History of Christmas

Worthless religion

Leaving the Bible Belt?

Is it Ok to Celebrate Christmas, Even If You’re Not a Christian?

MoralMaster 2.0 Additional Questions Add-on Pack!

How silly it all is!

Listen to Your Mind

I was a true believer, yes siree!

Santa Claus Worshipers Decry “Christification” of “Their” Season

Listen to your hearts

One sentence from God and I could be the most committed Christian God could want

Atheist Sign: A Response

Atheist Sign: A Response

Know Your Bible!

Don't give up! Keep searching, your life is worth something


How the Bible Led Me Out of Christianity

Burned by the Incubator, Part II

This year's hype on the so-called war on Christmas

The more I read the Bible, the more convinced I became that it was false

Reasons Greetings

Pastor accused of shoplifting

"Prop 8 - The Musical" starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly, and many more...

You're an atheist! Why do you care?

I LOVE Christmas

Religious Billboards

Lights, Camera, Action!

Burned by the Incubator

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