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My Journey Out of Christianity

By G.M. Gates ~ I t was the spring of 2003. I had broken up with my then girlfriend for what was, probably, the fifth or sixth time in the span of a year. The cause of the break up wasn't incompatibility, or even trivial matters. It was Evangelical Christianity. I had been part of various Charismatic/Pentecostal ministries throughout my mid to late teens. When I was 15, I saw a man preach who claimed to receive messages from God for random people seated in the congregation. This is what's called the Word of Knowledge in Charismatic churches. Being that I had been raised Baptist, this experience was completely new. And when the preacher spoke these messages, people would often become overwhelmed with emotion. I went forward to become born again. A few days later, I was Baptized in the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues. The next six years of my life would be a roller coaster of emotions. I would take the Great Commission literally. I would preac

Call for Research Participants:

M y name is Ines W. Jindra, and I am an assistant professor of Social Work at Idaho State University. We are conducting a study that examines the biographies of those leaving various Christian churches, and the process by which it happens. The study also includes questions about the consequences on people’s sense of identity, well-being, on their relationships, their relationship to specific rules within the Christian churches, and on coping mechanisms that arise from the difficulties that this process might entail. This research will be valuable in helping us understand the differences between people who stay and those who leave a specific church. We are interested in talking to people who are willing to share their experiences with us about this topic. Participation in this research study will take approximately one hour to maximum an hour and a half. Interviews will be conducted in person or via zoom, depending on your personal preference and location. Your information will be ke

May Be My Last Words. The DIY Obit.

By Carl S ~ W izened Sage and I entertained the idea of writing our own obituaries. We don't want others taking advantage of our deaths to impose their superstitious absurdities. We don't want people assuming we were believers. What led me to bring up this subject? Got a letter from a true radical believer I've corresponded with over the years. Referring to something I mentioned in three letters, he writes, "You can believe what you want to, just as I do, although you can change your mind any time at all." So I wrote back, "You too." I wrote about asking a pastor, "If I am a good moral person, but don't believe, can I get into Heaven?" His answer was immediately, "Yes." I asked my wife's pastor the same question. His answer, after a long silence, was "No." When I told my wife about her pastor's answer, she said, "WELL, THAT'S HIS OPINION." I envy her ability to sum up things so fast. This guy

A God So Unloved the World

By Carl S ~ I f you've watched videos of police interrogating suspects, you'll understand. Sometimes there's a time of relief for both questioner and suspect. It's when the cop reaches a point where he can safely say, "Quit the bullshit, okay? You and I know you did it." And the perpetrator begins to unburden. That's the kind of relief, of liberation, we need more of. Curiously, I revisited a biblical text you won't find discussed in bible teaching classes, ever. There's an interesting site, Bible Gateway, to find texts merely by punching up book, chapter, and verse. So let's approach the texts with the maxim of the British Royal Society: "Take no man's word for it." Here we go. Bible Gateway's "Genesis 8, v. 21, in all English translations." (I counted 54 on the same text, and suggest reading all of them.) Of course, they each say the same things in their own way. Number One: The Lord says, in his mind or ve

The Star of Bethlehem - an Astronomers Perspective

By Paul Hannah ~ E very year articles appear in the mainstream press and magazines speculating on the 'real' explanation for the Star of Bethlehem. Given our modern understanding of astronomy, there are a number of candidates which have been given to explain the phenomenon and fit the Bible story. However, even if the ideal star or astronomical object could be found there are serious practical problems with taking the story on face value. The Bible gives the story as follows: Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east And then: Lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was. – Matthew 2:1-12 The astronomical elements of the story are: The Wise Men came from the east, they saw a 'star' in the east, they followed it and it s


By Jason7 ~ R ecovering x-Christian here. Struggling spiritually. My life used to revolve around church. All my friends were from the church. My ex-wife & 4 kids were all heavily involved with the church. We were there every Sunday. We took my kids there for Wednesday night children's church. My family & I lived in a carefully constructed, sheltered Christian bubble. My life revolved around the Bible & I taught my family that it was 100% truth. We listened to Christian music & frowned on secular music with its cuss words & loose morality. We didn't smoke. we didn't openly cuss. We surrounded ourselves with like-minded Christians & had no non-Christian friends. We thought of ourselves as Holy & set apart by God to be his light in the world & to spread his love. However, underneath my outer Christian shell was a soul that was struggling intensely. I started questioning things that didn't make sense about my religion & God him

Demons and The Devil

By austinrohm ~ W hen I stopped turning a blind eye to all the problems with the Bible and Christianity and started applying the same skepticism that I applied toward other religions, the usual response that I got from Christians was,  “You are under spiritual attack! The devil is whispering in your ear. These doubts are all lies!” Oddly enough, other religions use the devil as an excuse too when members start questioning their religion. It’s also the devil when you start questioning the doctrines of the church you go to. Where do these questions and doubts come from? From a place of honest inquiry and desire to know the truth? Or are spirits and ghosts telling you that your faith and holy book is irrational? You have yet to demonstrate that demons and the devil exist. When people attempt to prove this, they always have stories lined up about “demonic oppression.” When pressed for these stories, they usually come back to the source of Someone had scary dreams or sleep paralysis. T

Morality is not a Good Argument for Christianity

By austinrohm ~ I wrote this article as I was deconverting in my own head: I never talked with anyone about it, but it was a letter I wrote as if I was writing to all the Christians in my life who constantly brought up how morality was the best argument for Christianity. No Christian has read this so far, but it is written from the point of view of a frustrated closeted atheist whose only outlet was organizing his thoughts on the keyboard. A common phrase used with non-Christians is: “Well without God, there isn’t a foundation of morality. If God is not real, then you could go around killing and raping.” There are a few things which must be addressed. 1. Show me objective morality. Define it and show me an example. Different Christians have different moral standards depending on how they interpret the Bible. Often times, they will just find what they believe, then go back into scripture and find a way to validate it. Conversely, many feel a particular action is not

From Street Preacher to Atheist

By austinrohm ~ This will be my first time posting here. As a matter of fact, this will be my first time in a long time that I will be able to be completely honest with people regarding my true beliefs. I grew up in a particularly zealous denomination of Christianity known as Independent Fundamental Baptists. This denomination is very black and white in its thinking, and demonizes anyone on the "out" group, and people on the "in" group constantly reinforce just how happy they are to have the TRUTH. As anyone else who is brainwashed into this type of cult-like thinking as a child, I fully believed Christianity and the (King James) Bible with all my heart! I was constantly so happy that I just happened to be born into the one, true religion; and was very happy that I was born to parents who went to the "right" denomination of Christian church. But I always had a difficult time with how quiet God seemed to be, and a VERY difficult time with a &qu

2022 Religious Recovery Retreat!

From Dr. Marlene Winell ~ Announcing our 2022 Religious Recovery Retreat! Join us in-person December 8-11. Pack your bags, we're off to beautiful Nine Mountain Retreat Center in western Massachusetts for a long weekend designed to support recovery from Religious Trauma Syndrome. We're thrilled to offer this in-person opportunity where folks can disconnect from daily pressures, share personal stories, examine the effects of past indoctrination, and learn strategies for recovery. The program will include short presentations, discussion, and structured activities with activities like art, drama, music, and movement. We will also have time to socialize with like-minded people over delicious meals, hiking, or enjoying the hot-tub! Go HERE for more information . After registration, you will get more details and a questionnaire to complete. Space is limited, reserve your spot below!  Register Today The retreat is led by Dr. Marlene Winell, psychologist and author of Leaving The

St. Paul and Christian Tradition

By Carl S. ~ O ver the span of my 80+ years on earth, I have read many historical and spiritual accounts of the life of the Apostle, St. Paul. Only recently have I read of discovered ancient writings in regards to his private, as compared to public, missionary life. Two or more writers, including a convert to Christianity himself, mention one particular revelation. Once I discovered their texts, my pre-conceptions of Paul as a noble, spiritual man, also reveal him to be even more like one of us. Paul, after all, did admit to being just another sinner. You may or may not change your image of St. Paul even after finding out he had an ongoing sexual relationship with a girl, beginning when she was twelve years of age. Whether she bore him a child, or had a child by him aborted; a common practice in his day, is unknown. This, of course, would have had to be covered up. Throughout periods of history, a marriage to a twelve year old girl was acceptable. It may also be said the laws

Agnostic, Atheist, Deist

By Guncher ~ I have been a believer for over fifty years. During Covid I sat down and looked at what I believed. Once I questioned things, I realised that I had no evidence to stay a Christian. At the moment I border between Agnostic, Atheist & Deist. I have lost trust in the Bible being "inerrant." Confused...

So, Where is Jesus Buried?

By Carl S ~ L ucky you to see what humans have never seen in the entire history of humanity! The James Webb Space Telescope is gushing out a constant stream of pictures from the farthest reaches of Space-Time. Some day, it might find the beginning of this Universe as a "Go boom!" followed by multiple orgasms ever since. No good or evil relativity involved. Absurd? So what's the point of it all? I don't see the "point" of any or all of it, just like my life or that of any other organism. While the Webb and Hubble are scanning, analyzing, and photographing, are they looking for signs of "Heaven?" "Since "Heaven" is by tradition, a physical place, with "many mansions," where the hell is it? Billions of people have been told "Heaven is for real," so why can't it be found? Millions of people still believe Jesus and others floated up from Earth, unaided by balloons, rockets, etc., through the clouds, to this

Cracks in the Foundation

By Brad N ~ I t is rare when I find someone with a common testimonial for their de-conversion out of religion, mainly Christianity. I hope to find others who have found freedom from a similar starting point as myself. Here is my story. I grew up non-denomination in a healthy loving home. My parents were regular in their church attendance, prayer, bible reading, and were weekly 10% tithers. I admit that nothing was very striking about my childhood and my parents set a relatively good example. No abuse, very little shame, but a lot of worship music led by trendy Christian rock bands (the Christian band Stellar Kart actually originated out of my church) . Eventually, after I got married, my wife and I found ourselves on a more conservative path and soon became Presbyterian, a denomination that many Christians consider a “stricter” sect of the faith, but still very reputable. I enjoyed my time as a Presbyterian; I started questioning many of the basic beliefs of Christianity I was r

Incident With Christian Sister Still Lingers

By MTC ~ I n late 2020 I started talking to my sister again after being on non-speaking terms for several months. She had struggled with alcohol and substance addiction (I was on non-speaking terms with her for other reasons though), but then she "found Jesus" at a local church (which I used to attend, ironically). In January of 2021 after I moved back to my home state and started talking to her again, I chatted with her about my past traumas, humiliations, etc. I was upfront and blunt about "God," and she snapped at me. "HEY! This is a Christian home; we don't cross that line! God is kinder to you than you realize. You're breathing air and have food to eat and a roof over your head!" First of all, what a kick in the face to the countless people who are starving, homeless, died at younger ages than I am now, etc. Second of all, her little lecture was exactly like defending an abusive parent, because even though an abusive parent may do