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A handful of Christian arguments and tactics

When Christians show up on this site, it is usually to argue. Rather than present positive evidence for their beliefs, they choose instead to throw out what I call side arguments on a variety of topics. These side arguments are not necessarily meant to show that Christianity is true, but they are meant to show that non-belief is an untenable worldview. Instead of presenting any positive evidence for the existence of a God, a Jesus, angels, devils, etc., they'll attack from different angles. The following is not meant as a comprehensive covering of all the possible apologetic directions Christians are in the habit of taking, but just a few of my favorite.

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Leaving Christianity to find God, life, and love

sent in by Ian

When I was an infant, my parents made a decision that has led me to this day, typing these words in this box on this site. They made a decision that was going to decide my fate in terms of religious matters, and they had no idea just how powerful that decision was.

They decided that they were not going to raise me in any particular faith, that I was free to choose whatever faith I wanted.

I am so grateful to them for making this decision.

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Learning to think for myself

sent in by Marty Mets

I was raised from birth within the Evangelical Lutheran tradition. My childhood church also had a private school, and I attended there from kindergarten through eighth grade. I was somewhere on that campus six days a week, for at least half of the day, many times for much longer. I once made a conservative estimate that I spent at least 20,000 hours being indoctrinated into the Lutheran brand of Christianity. A quick glance at my report cards will show I got A’s in every one of my religion classes, and I was confirmed right on schedule when I was fifteen years old. That ceremony was the last time I went to church “willingly”. There was of course a spattering of Christmas Eve or Easter services to appease my mother, but I had basically figured out that Christianity was a sham during my second year of confirmation classes. I had never intended to come to this conclusion however and in fact I desired the very opposite.

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Sex offender sets up new church

FORT ATKINSON WI - William J. Smith sparked the curiosity of his neighbors almost from the day he moved to Jefferson County last fall.

It had been years since anyone had tried to start a church in Fort Atkinson, and Smith's effort was particularly unusual.

He installed an altar in his apartment and invited people for daily morning Mass and evening prayers, calling his undertaking "A Vatican-Free Monastic Community."

There would be more surprises for neighbors.

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Thank you for a great site

Thank you for a great site.

I'm not and never was a christian or a believer, although I have always been interested in the how's and why's behind people's beliefs.

I think supporting people who are losing their religion is a good thing; though some christians come on here not understanding what this site is about, it seems in their so called unconditional love they're not able to unconditionally support people who no longer think the same way.

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Finding Truth and Meaning without Christianity

...I feel inspired by my joy and happiness, which I should let you know DOES NOT come from faith in any "god" whatsoever to let everyone know that religion will make you sick. My desire is that many Christians will read this post and that they may feel the same way that they make everyone on this site feel when they come here to argue that their religion is the "truth". This site has been created for the healing of ex-Christians, not as a debate forum to argue whether or not Christianity is true...

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Christianity's relationship with witchcraft

Most primitive cultures attributed witches with the power to supernaturally injure crops, animals, health, and possessions. Many ancient cultures created laws to punish the offense. As in other cultures, the ancient Hebrews condemned witchcraft, as expressed in the Mosaic Law (Deut 18:10 & Exodus 22:18). Following in Judaism's footsteps, the early Christian Church believed in and condemned witchcraft Acts 19:19, Acts 8:9.

This is an excerpt from the ExChristian.Net podcast, "Christianity's relationship with witchcraft."

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My Main Reasons for Leaving the Faith

By Lorena

When I was "saved" they told me that I could not lose my salvation. If I really received Jesus in my heart, then I was as good as in heaven already. However, they said, "faith without works is dead" (book of James); therefore, I had to show changes in my life to prove that I actually believed in Jesus.

So I set on a journey to be a "new creature."

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If you're not familiar with Fred Phelps, he is the highly controversial leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, based out of his home in Topeka, Kansas. Phelps is best known for preaching that God hates homosexuals and will punish both them and "fag enablers" (which his church defines as anyone whom they find to be insufficiently anti-gay). He claims events such as the September 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina are caused by God as punishment. He and his followers frequently picket various events, especially gay pride gatherings and funerals of gay men, feeling it is their sacred duty to share their views with others.

Lately his group has taken to picketing the funerals of American soldiers killed in Iraq. One of his followers was recently interviewed on FOX NEWS, and I've made the interview avialable on this site.

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Ethical behavior

"A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeeded be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death." — Albert Einstein

Is God the author of evil?

by UberGeek

I’ve been having a rather interesting discussion via email with one of the Christians who began posting here not too long ago. In my latest response, I began addressing the issue of good and evil and what is God’s relationship to these things, along with further arguments about free will and the Garden of Eden. What follows is an introductory essay that begins to address the first proposition, is God good or evil?

At first, the argument could be proposed that since God created everything, including Satan, the embodiment of evil, then God is the author of evil...

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Jesus in nearly everywhere

Almost in time for Easter...

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Free to live

sent in by Holly

I first became interested in religion and God when I hit my sophomore year of high school. Those years weren't the best for me, for some people they are but for me they weren't. It was difficult fitting in, and trying to be popular to me was just so superficial. I wanted more than that to make me happy.

I sought out religion because I had so many questions about life, about God, about living. I thought that I didn't know anything and more than anything, I wanted to fit in. I went to church on and off for the remainder of my high school years, when I hit college things were different for me.

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Pastor Allegedly Becomes Predator

Former Pastor Lewis Lee met Elizabeth Thomsen when she was just 12-years old. Cops say that as a true predator, Lee singled her out from the beginning.

Elizabeth was the third of six children who worked on the family's dairy farm in Chenango County, in New York. The work load was demanding, so the Thomsen kids were home-schooled by their parents. Marsha and Michael Thomsen also wanted to instill Christian values in their children. So they looked to the Christian Baptist Church for spiritual guidance.

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My Anti-Testimony, or, I Was a Christian Zombie

sent in by ApostateLiberalEvilDoer

Like many other Jesus-bots, I was labeled a misfit at an early age. First, I was abused emotionally and physically. I suspect this was because I refused to be the obedient little soldier my alcoholic mother expected me to be. My brother was the family favorite; consequently, the blame for all of the family’s problems was assigned to me. My family thought I was a worthless, lazy misfit and wouldn’t let me forget it for a minute.

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A very brief flirtation

sent in by Barry

A friend of mine posted here recently, so I wanted to do the same. I grew up in a not very religious Methodist family. We only went to church 4 to 5 times a year. However, I always considered myself Christian, believing Jesus died to sacrifice for our sins. But I never thought about what that meant.

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Hallelujah! Here's an Easter miracle from an unholy source


It is only fitting that in the week celebrating Christianity's most important festival, the Court of Appeal should order a retrial for an exorcist.

Korean pastor Yong Bum Lee, otherwise known as Luke, strangled one of his parishioners to death. He was seeking to rid Joanna Lee (no relation) of her demons, but instead took the direct route. He sent Joanna to heaven rather than dally with temporal deliverance.

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Evolution 101

Dr. Zachary Moore is a scientist specializing in molecular biology, a contributor to this site, a moderator in our forums, and an ex-Christian. Recently he's been producing an excellent series of podcasts that help explain some of the concepts and facets of evolution. If you want to have a better understanding of what evolution is really all about, these podcasts are an excellent resource.

A big thank-you to Dr. Zach for allowing us to feature his work here.

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Former youth ministry director sentenced

Roelke to spend 3 years in prison for child sex crimes

In a charged hearing, Russell Roelke, a 45-year-old former West Bend youth ministry director originally charged with four counts of child sex crimes, was sentenced Monday to a 14-year prison term by Washington County Circuit Judge Annette Ziegler.

Under sentencing guidelines, Roelke will serve three years in the state prison system and the remainder under extended supervision.

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A troubled past built on lies

sent in by John

I've been coming here for several years now. Often times agreeing with many of the deconverts and smiling at the realization of those who had been in it for far too long and where suddenly shown the "light" of what Christianity truly is. But in the whole time I have yet to post my own testimony.

So this is my story.....

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Another Ex-christian Testimony

sent in by cj

Hello unmet friends at

I’ve been a quiet visitor here for over a year now. Many times wanting to comment or post, but wanting to enter appropriately with my testimony first.

It’s interesting isn’t it that we all need to put into words our deconversion testimony. I actually did that before I found this site, for my own piece of mind... to validate that I really had thought it through and to remember that journey. That testimony is on an old computer that will take some time to recover, but with the holiday season upon us I felt the need to post now.

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Recovering Catholic

sent in by Lynne

I'm a person who chose to be a devout Catholic. My parents took me to church, had me make all the sacraments (except the nunhood of course), but I chose to absorb the religion into my being. (they were not particularly religious)

This is the hardest part for me - I have had cognitive dissonance with Catholicism for 15 years now, but I just realized I am finally now in recovery.

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the end of my life

sent in by Onanite

Well ..... Things have come a long way since BIOLA. I posted a testimony here a few months ago. I knew I had cancer then, but did not mention it. Things have kind of gone downhill since then.

Today is a really bad day, lots of pain, even though I am on the best pain meds. Science can only do so much. I am still at home, where I want to be. I do not want to die in a hospital or hospice. My partner has agreed, he is wonderful.

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Human evolution gap filled

WASHINGTON - The latest fossil unearthed from a human ancestral hot spot in Africa allows scientists to link together the most complete chain of human evolution so far.

The 4.2 million-year-old fossil discovered in northeastern Ethiopia helps scientists fill in the gaps of how human ancestors made the giant leap from one species to another. That’s because the newest fossil, the species Australopithecus anamensis, was found in the region of the Middle Awash — where seven other human-like species spanning nearly 6 million years and three major phases of human development were previously discovered.

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Highly Sensitive People and the Church

By Lorena Rodriguez

I believe that my years of christianity severely damaged me emotionally. The religion points to Jesus as a solution to each and every problem a person may have. When one expresses pain, disappointment, fear, or anger, the verses are thrown on one’s face: "Don’t let the sun go down on your anger," "Rejoice in the Lord always," "I will fear no evil for you are with me."

The idea is to suppress one's feelings and "take every thought captive to the Lord." What are the psychological consequences of suppressing one’s emotions year after year in "The name of the Lord?"

Are we all to experience the world in the same manner and apply the bible verses to our lives indistinctly?

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The Meaning of Life

Christianity brags that it holds the ultimate meaning and purpose for human life. It states most emphatically that the whole purpose of the human experience is to enjoy God and glorify Him forever. It boldly claims that any and all activity outside of the narrow path is worldly, of the devil, and ultimately worthless.

While finding a valuable meaning for an individual life is something most people desire, to accuse all who reject the claims of Christianity to be living worthless lives, is arrogantly rude, and historically it’s been destructive.

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Dr. Dino Theme Park Shut Down

Kent Hovind, erstwhile known as "Dr. Dino," has received a bit of bad news. A judge has ruled that he, and the other owners of the Pensacola creationism-themed park called "Dinosaur Adventure Land," are in contempt of court for refusing to recognize the necessity to file building permits for their park. The park has now been closed, and may be torn down if Hovind and his associates continue to refuse to comply with the law.

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Gospel of Judas

Yesterday, the public learned about the discovery of a document dating from the early days of Jesus worship, the Gospel of Judas. This manuscript raises a host of fascinating questions for those who care about the origins of the Christian faith. Almost all Americans, about ninety percent, either were raised in or currently practice some form of Christianity that is rooted in Catholic orthodoxy. (Protestants draw their core doctrines from the orthodox Catholic tradition.) Steeped in these teachings, it is easy to see the Judas manuscript as a curious outsider and to ask how it compares to the true histories recorded in the more familiar gospels named after Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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Before the Next Sex Scandal

The following is an excerpt of a recent Christianity Today editorial
Lonnie Latham, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention executive committee and pastor of a large Tulsa, Oklahoma, church, resigned from both positions in January after police arrested him for allegedly attempting to solicit a male undercover officer for oral sex. Earl Paulk, pastor of an Atlanta-area mega-church, has dodged allegations of sexual impropriety for years. But in August 2005, a female employee sued him, alleging he arranged for his brother and visiting pastors to have sex with her. The International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC)—an association Paulk developed—forced him to resign as archbishop in October.
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The Gospel of Judas

An early Christian manuscript, including the only known text of what is known as the Gospel of Judas, has surfaced after 1,700 years. The text gives new insights into the relationship of Jesus and the disciple who betrayed him, scholars reported today. In this version, Jesus asked Judas, as a close friend, to sell him out to the authorities, telling Judas he will "exceed" the other disciples by doing so.

Though some theologians have hypothesized this, scholars who have studied the new-found text said, this is the first time an ancient document defends the idea.

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Retired pastor charged with wife's 2005 murder

CENTREVILLE, Ala. (AP) — A retired Bibb County pastor charged with murdering his wife six months ago remained jailed on a $1 million bond Tuesday after a judge reduced the amount.

Earnie Stokes, 53, had told police that an intruder struck him in the head with a brick and doused him with gasoline before shooting his wife, Syble Stokes, 53, at their home on Sept. 20. Stokes had dialed 911 on a mobile phone while sitting in his truck outside his home.

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Pastor BeelzeBOB

sent in by Dan Hurst

I hope this can make it to the readers because I am naming the bully who pastored me and my family for some four years.

The man’s name is Bob N... and he has a web site open to the public (that I'm going to give) so I'm going to assume it's alright for me to call him by name. If not, please find a way to post the web site so your readers can see first hand how a brain-washer operates. He needs to be exposed and probably arrested. The Chick tract "Bad Bob" is rumored to be based off of him. His web site is absolutely perfect ammunition against this particular sect of Christianity and could by itself speak for me. They call themselves "bible-believers" because they hold to the belief that God preserved His word in only one version of the bible......the King James Version. They will fight tooth and nail over it. Some of them even believe that unless you read the KJV exclusively, you will go to hell.

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Christian 'Conception' Parties Raise Ire, Eyebrows

Thousands of Christian couples plan to celebrate the occasion of their savior's creation by attending 'conception parties' this weekend, intimate gatherings where the conception of the world's most famous baby is lovingly reenacted. Fans of the pro-life parties say that theirs is a way of livening up the culture of life. But some Christians say that they're uncomfortable celebrating the pregnancy of a teenage girl, even if the father was a heavenly one.

Let's party like it's 4 BC

By Cole Walters

FORT WORTH, TX—While the vast majority of Christians in the US will spend this weekend marking a tragedy—the crucifixion of Jesus Christ upon the cross on Easter Sunday—a small but determined minority plans to celebrate their savior with a bang. Against a backdrop of farmland, city streets, even mountain vistas, this merry band will spend tonight marking not Christ's death, but his conception.

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From Fissure to the Abyss

sent in by Dude

I was born-again at 10 years of age (asked Jesus into my heart). I have been in many gospel groups. I have been on many praise & worship teams. I have been a choir director, have served on 2 church elder/deacon boards.

I very recently realized that the Biblical foundation on which I have stood has flaws. I very recently realized that the unanswered prayers and random events of prayers answered (coincidences) were just that: randomness. I am numb right now. Most of my life has been involved in religion and serving a non-existent God.

I love Jesus. I love Christianity. Yes, still. I love what it stands for and what it represents. But it is untrue.

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I found God

sent in by Matt

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"

I was raised in a devout Roman Catholic family. The most important thing to me was raising my children in the church. However, I fell in love with a half hearted Catholic. We got married and had two kids. My wife's irregular attendance at Mass and animosity toward the church caused a lot of friction in our marriage. I was worried about the effect my wife's attitude toward the church would have on our children's attitude. I was deeply concerned about my children's eternal well being if they rejected the church.

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Good and Evil

From the latest Ex-Christian Monologues podcast:

What is good and what is evil? Where do we get our definition of good and evil? What is the source of our understanding of morality, and how do we decide what is moral vs. what is immoral?

Christians claim that without the commandments of God, there is no standard to determine good from evil – morality from immorality. Without the Bible, Christians say, everyone would do what was right in their own eyes, meaning there would be moral anarchy.

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A Proposal to Christians

sent in by Tigg13

It has occurred to me, after reading several of the comments made by Christians on this website, that there is an issue that should concern you all more than the existence of ex-Christians.

Now, as you all know, there is one and only one true God and one and only one true path to salvation, with all the other paths leading to damnation. But, there are hundreds of different denominations of Christianity all calling themselves the one true church. Obviously there must be a great many of these churches that are not doing the Lord's work. But, if they're not doing the Lord's work, then who's work are they doing?

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The kitten and the carnivore convention

sent in by Richard

Let me be honest and up front with you: Christianity is bullshit. I am going to tell you a story, my story about my life as a Christian and why I left. I cannot, with a clear conscience, sit here and do a partial truth because I am afraid that I step on someone's toes. I owe it to myself and all others wondering to be honest.

I accepted Christ as a young man with an extreme fear of dying and going to hell for the sins I had committed. I was only nine and was raised my whole life in church. I was taught that Jesus is not just a religion, but a lifestyle that must be lived and abided by every second of every day. As the years went on I tried, out of a sincere compassion for people, to be as involved in ministry as a "good Christian" can be.

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