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Sinners lead terrible lives?

By SeageVT --

Alright, this is where I'm just lost in baffles of laughter: In the Bible it is stated that the sinners and non-believers will go to hell, burn for all eternity, suffer long and hard for what they have done, and God shall turn a blind eye to their pleas, right? And supposedly, in Christian eyes, sinners and non-believers are dirty, filthy, poor people, who are bad influences on everyone! The very ground they walk on is covered in their filth! They go drinking every night and sleep with various members of the opposite and SAME SEX! They do drugs! They kill without a feeling of remorse! THEY RAPE YOUR CHILDREN!

Help the HopelessImage by Jake Daniel Hall via Flickr

What I'm lost in is this: If being a non-believer, or "sinner" is so horrible, why is it that when I finally gave up religion I found myself graduating high school, falling in love, joining the military, getting married, getting accepted into college, starting my own business, having a decent income, enjoying life, and generally just being a nicer person? Why didn't I end up a toothless crack whore on the corner, being abused and eventually dying of overdose?

Tell me, am I the only one on this site who isn't the Christian "ideal" of a non-believer and sinner? Or am I alone and in the wrong place? Because I didn't think that crack whores had Internet access?