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So, Where is Jesus Buried?

By Carl S ~ L ucky you to see what humans have never seen in the entire history of humanity! The James Webb Space Telescope is gushing out a constant stream of pictures from the farthest reaches of Space-Time. Some day, it might find the beginning of this Universe as a "Go boom!" followed by multiple orgasms ever since. No good or evil relativity involved. Absurd? So what's the point of it all? I don't see the "point" of any or all of it, just like my life or that of any other organism. While the Webb and Hubble are scanning, analyzing, and photographing, are they looking for signs of "Heaven?" "Since "Heaven" is by tradition, a physical place, with "many mansions," where the hell is it? Billions of people have been told "Heaven is for real," so why can't it be found? Millions of people still believe Jesus and others floated up from Earth, unaided by balloons, rockets, etc., through the clouds, to this

Cracks in the Foundation

By Brad N ~ I t is rare when I find someone with a common testimonial for their de-conversion out of religion, mainly Christianity. I hope to find others who have found freedom from a similar starting point as myself. Here is my story. I grew up non-denomination in a healthy loving home. My parents were regular in their church attendance, prayer, bible reading, and were weekly 10% tithers. I admit that nothing was very striking about my childhood and my parents set a relatively good example. No abuse, very little shame, but a lot of worship music led by trendy Christian rock bands (the Christian band Stellar Kart actually originated out of my church) . Eventually, after I got married, my wife and I found ourselves on a more conservative path and soon became Presbyterian, a denomination that many Christians consider a “stricter” sect of the faith, but still very reputable. I enjoyed my time as a Presbyterian; I started questioning many of the basic beliefs of Christianity I was r

Incident With Christian Sister Still Lingers

By MTC ~ I n late 2020 I started talking to my sister again after being on non-speaking terms for several months. She had struggled with alcohol and substance addiction (I was on non-speaking terms with her for other reasons though), but then she "found Jesus" at a local church (which I used to attend, ironically). In January of 2021 after I moved back to my home state and started talking to her again, I chatted with her about my past traumas, humiliations, etc. I was upfront and blunt about "God," and she snapped at me. "HEY! This is a Christian home; we don't cross that line! God is kinder to you than you realize. You're breathing air and have food to eat and a roof over your head!" First of all, what a kick in the face to the countless people who are starving, homeless, died at younger ages than I am now, etc. Second of all, her little lecture was exactly like defending an abusive parent, because even though an abusive parent may do