Beecher story beautifully told

Christian Paranoia

2000 years of lies

I love Jesus and Jesus loves me, so I've been told

Never Going Back

House Built on a Weak Foundation

Minister convicted of public indecency

Kids Kill In Violent Christian Videogame

Some Tough Questions For Christians

Right-wing Christians, a growing threat

Associate Pastor Arrested

a Born Atheist

The Discovery Institute and the Theory of Intelligent Deception

Logic versus Faith

The Church Shoots Its own Wounded!

Recover from fundamentalism - a retreat

Evangelist arrested on federal charges

Breaking The Last Bond of Slavery...

I found the answers

You are playing Russian Roulette with Eternity

Pastor Arrested for Video Voyeurism

The Bible Stands

Out of a life of extremism

From Pastor's wife to Atheist

From Bible Christian to Catholic to Atheist

Pastor arrested for domestic violence

Not ready to be nice

Am I the only one sad to Leave?

I feel God everywhere

From one Minority to another

Lifejackets and a white building in Australia

Waiting For Judgement....

From Depressed Christian to Happy Atheist

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