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My Human Manifesto

By Neal Stone --

With the quick approach of 2012 we keep hearing more and more about the end of the world or the end times. People everywhere, especially the religious, are so anxious for the end times. Why?

Manifesto! Live @ Waldemar HenriqueImage by Breno Peck via Flickr

We live on a wonderful, beautiful planet. Earth is a great home and a great place to live. We have so much to enjoy here and there is plenty for everyone, if we choose to share it.

We need to stop focusing on it all ending and need to start focusing on fixing the problems of this world and building a bright wonderful future for us humans. We need to stop drawing lines in the sand. Lines of race, color, politics, religion and so on. All it results in is misery, division, war and sadness.

We need to stop dwelling on past hurts and past wrongs. Yeah bad stuff happens, it's what you do with that experience that counts. You can sit and pick at the wound, or you can let it heal.

I am a human and this is my manifesto.

I will put aside petty hatred, differences and beliefs. I will focus on ideas that make sense and work. I will focus on proven, ideals and solutions for my home world.

I will focus on the health and well being of my fellow man/woman.

I will focus on taking care of this world and not worry about the next. I am going to be here for a long time so might as well make the best of it.

I will focus on finding solutions and not creating problems.

I will focus on doing what is right and fight the oppression and abuse of others. I will seek to free and help those that suffer at the hand of others or disaster.

I will focus on the present and the future and not worry about the past. Focus on what I can change, not what I can't.

I will free my mind of all wrong beliefs or beliefs that hold me back. I will live without fear and experience true joy in my life. I will put aside silly superstitions and ideas that just don't add up.

I will focus on a better world, better life and a better way of living. I will take care of my family, friends and those that are dear to me. I will make this world a better place, not seek it's destruction or down fall. I will share, give and provide assistance to my fellow man/woman in his or her journey. We only have one future, let's not blow it.

I will know that down inside, regardless of race, we are all the same – Human!

The End is not near.

Neal A. Stone