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The Used Car Salesman

By Neal Stone ~ F rom about age 12 to around age 33, I attended church. I attended a strict Baptist church that focused a lot on “Soul Winning”, as in going door-to-door annoying… ahem… sharing your faith with others who were so eager and overjoyed to open that door at 7pm, while you were in the middle of not being annoyed, and seeing those wonderful suit clad strangely happy guys with Bible in hand or New Testaments conveniently hidden in an attempt to hide the reason you were there… poorly. They often have no time to jump around the issue and dive right into why they are there. When I did the door knocking stint, I was surprised at how many pretended to get “saved” just to get these guys off their porch. It was obvious, at least to me, but not to the guy who ran back and bragged how he got one. In fact, not many had much success each time we got back and reported in our results. Most of the time the results were exaggerated followed by a lot of patting on the back. Often one is

Crazy Christians

By Tyler ~  O K, so there is a heaven and there is a hell.  On the way to heaven:  a person must be of good character and not break any rules On the other hand: if you do break rules, you must go to hell. So, let me get this straight. All your life you sin, sin, sin. Then, one day, just admit your sin aloud to other sinners and you will instantly propel yourself towards the eternal land of righteous rewards? I highly doubt this is the way it would work. Sounds to me like the corrupted mentality of those crazy bible-thumpers that took over Africa. Africans got the Bible while the white "fathers" got the land. Interesting. I am equally sure white "fathers" were on a righteously peaceable mission when  handing out guns for natives to use against each other (and ultimately destroy each other). And the gold and silver-grab thing by white "fathers" was just good ol' Christian home-cooking val

Am I the problem?

By Mark F I always used to think that I was the problem. Growing up I was always painted as something of an outsider. I was that annoying kid in youth group that always took the opposite opinion. I suppose you could say that I was always trying to be a freethinker, but over time the labels and the constant framing of me simply being combative and argumentative for the sake of it took it's toll. Time and pressure and the ever growing need to prove – to overcompensate – led to extreme zealotry and a 5-year entanglement with the ministry of one Ray Comfort (sorry if we dare not speak his name here). At the time I genuinely wanted to save souls. Again, this part of my life took it's toll emotionally; trying to save the world from damnation will do that to you. Fast forward to 2008. I had a hyper-manic episode and was diagnosed Bi-Polar. This rocked my world. The foundations I had built my life on were in a moment shattered. I didn't know if I could hold onto my faith

All Good Things–The Return

By Neal Stone ~ I t has been years since I've posted here. A huge upset about my atheism caused me to panic (I was in an awful place then) and then I soon faced divorce in 2012, which was completed in 2013. It all fell apart, but I then found myself in Mississippi (of all places) visiting my dad. My dad made me an offer to come down and live in Mississippi with him. Mississippi is a very religious state though the coast, where I live, is a lot more relaxed. But that is another story. This story is about how I saw some of my Christian friends for who they were vs who I thought they were. I had some friends who came over weekly to hang out. They played D&D RPG style games (praise Jesus) even though they all attended church. I eventually got bored with it and would pop in time to time during their visit but would sit in my office…writing you guys. My ex-wife was the queen of playing victim and often wore a hat that said, "SUPER BITCH" and was quite proud of it. Lit

What I Believe, part II

By Jerry ~ I just wanted to bring a bit more clarity to my earlier post . A ll my life I had been searching for God. I remember at seven years old going into a religious book store and asking the owner what the “right religion” is. He advised me to read and come to my own conclusion. My mom had been lonely as dad was working a lot, so when the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) knocked on the door she agreed to study their literature with them. In short order she was baptized and began taking me to JW meetings. I was about 11 years old and remember the kids I met there which soon turned into friendships. I continued to be a Witness until about 25. Around that time I was experiencing great doubts because the JWs had prophesied that 1975 would see the return of Jesus and he would establish a kingdom on earth. By now it was 1982 and he had failed to show up. A book written by one of the top leaders in the organization blew the lid off the JW scam outlining the many times they had prophes

Religious Trauma is Trauma

By Andrew Pledger ~ (*Trigger Warning - Topics of depression, trauma, and suicide) H ello, my name is Andrew Pledger, and this is my story of religious trauma. My story is long and complex which is why I’ve been working on a book. This entry will leave out many details, but covers the general overview of my experiences and will help people understand how I got here. Restoration Counseling says, “Religious trauma (RT) is similar in symptoms to Complex-PTSD." Symptoms of RT: Negative beliefs about others Low self-esteem Struggle with emotional regulation Depression, anxiety, grief, and anger Nightmares Disassociation, flashbacks Lack of pleasure Feeling isolated Feeling empty, lost or directionless Reduced critical thinking Feeling out of place or like you don’t belong According to Restoration Counseling , "Religious Trauma Syndrome is often caused for several reasons for different people. Many people experience RTS as a re

Interpreting Reality

By Webmdave ~ R eality for my dog is uncomplicated. She understands life to be a series of eating, sleeping, running, sniffing, barking, guarding, trusting some and distrusting others, and above all expressing affection and loyalty to her pack (human family). In short, reality for my dog is displaying the qualities usually associated with a dog. She neither searches for or desires a higher purpose, nor does she fear sickness or death. She does not accumulate possessions and is not afflicted by envy, avarice, or demanding addictions and passions. Beyond just living out her days according to her nature, there is nothing else. She is at peace and content with her lot. Regardless of various differences in appearance, aptitudes and situations, dogs appear to be consistently content with their lives. People, however, are complicated. We believe we are somehow special in the universe and are notoriously discontent with nearly everything in our lives on a regular basis. Just sitting still fo

What I believe

By Jerry ~ I am a senior man who would consider himself an agnostic when it comes to belief in a creator of the universe, but an atheist who rejects the idea that there is a loving being wishing the best for mankind. Because of the design of the earth itself and the completely hostile environments of the planet, I believe we are more of an accident then a purposeful creation. I don’t accept the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or pagan gods. I had been involved with Jehovah's Witnesses in my youth and Christian Evangelical Fundamentalists most recently. I found both to be equally troubling for various reasons. However, my wife is still a staunch Pentecostal, and I must at least pretend in order to keep my marriage. But, in my heart I know the Bible was a book written by men and not at all accurate or inspired by anything other than their imaginations. One only need to study the Old Testament to see that not only was God a monster, but compared with the New Testament it’