A Personal Funeral


Questions I asked of Sunday School Teachers

Would Jesus Wear a Rolex?

The Arrogance of Faith

A(nother) Letter to Jesus Christ

Oral Roberts and the "Seed Faith" Swindle

How I escaped the monkey trap

Losing my religion after examining the source

Casting out that gay demon

Wind, love, and Ray Comfort’s wife: A showdown at Huntington Beach

Pastor arrested in Internet predator sting

Bart D. Erhman: Misquoting Jesus

The Cosmological Argument: How can everything be so perfect and planned out if there is no God?

The Watchmaker – Another Perspective

An open letter to Christians

An open letter to The King of Kings

Intelligent Alien Design

Are Evangelical Christians really this stupid?

One in 33 women sexually targeted by clergy

Pastor arrested for theft and money laundering

They Overplayed Their Hand

Playlist for Recovering Fundies

You're a Christian, Charlie Brown

Jesus: The ULTIMATE Sacrifice

Ducklings, Death and Belief

Michael Shermer meets Mr. Deity

The Things You Learn In Sunday School (Part 2) - Joshua and the Genocide of Jericho

Automotive Apostasy

The family curse

Favor from God

The Story of Creation

Greiving my death

What do you say when someone says, "I am praying for you?"

The light of the world, and the chief glory of man

I decided that I truly didn't believe

Still confused...

The real reason for religion -- control

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Interpreting Evidence

The Things You Learn In Sunday School (Part 1) - Abraham Willing to Murder His Son For God

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