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Jesus, The Anti-Family Christ

By SHAOLIN ~ I n the make-believe world of christianity, Jesus is lauded as the greatest teacher, the wisest man that has ever walked the earth. Even more, a man without fault and worthy to be our "Lord and Savior", every knee will bow......yada, yada, yada. Christianity boasts that in this imaginary god's mind the family is the vital foundation of human life. The old testament consistently reveals, however, that god cares nothing about the family. It appears that even in the divine family the apple does not fall far from the tree. Jesus, the "son of god" is not all that family friendly himself. He might as well have been the Jim Jones of the new testament, no different than any other cult leader. There is sufficient evidence in the gospels to make this assertion. 1. Where in the gospels, particularly in the sermon on the mount, does Jesus say anything about the importance of the family? Forgiving your "brother", loving your "enemies"

Admit the Truth!

From Tricia ~ W e only leave Jesus because we were never committed to Him or were deceived, wanted to live our lives the way we want. Self idolatry -- it is the same and just what Satan wanted you serve and worship SELF but actuality this world. The FOOL has said in his heart there is no God. We have become blinded, caught up in lies by the god of this world You want to be hay and God says no, therefore He is wrong. No you are wrong. I is an abomination and God says you want your lust so He gives you a reprobate mind....the word of God is right. We are wrong, admit the truth even if you chose not to live it.

Psychology of Self Love

By D. Shafer ~ A s I move further away from my Christian beliefs and feel the freedom to question the unquestionable persona that was presented to me as God, I seem to stumble across what I call real and better truth. As I deconstruct the inner ideas about life that were forced upon me by the belief system I was conditioned in, I can see myself more realistically, and I discover that many of the dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors I exhibited were from a dysfunctional family in a dysfunctional world reinforced by a dysfunctional religion. As I face down the monster of criticism, judgment, anger, hate, and punishment (all the main qualities of an overbearing controlling dictator who cannot tolerate dissention) I find myself feeling more free and even more loved and loving. After leaving Christianity I could admit that my inner emotional complex was a mess. In the church I could not be honest when trying to appear to be without sin and avoid the resulting disgrace, so impossibl

The four-count take-down of Christianity

By Michael Runyan ~ T hose of us who have left Christianity are often challenged by Christian family and friends to state the reasons why. Without going into detail, there is an easy and effective way to explain why Christianity is definitely not true. It is done in four easy steps: Demons- if Christianity is true, then demons must exist. After all, dealing with demons was a big part of Jesus’s ministry. They should be an important and indisputable part of our lives, and, like mosquitoes, a pesky irritant if not a real threat. They should be causing many of our diseases and speaking back in our native language when challenged. There should be a branch of science that studies them. Nope, nada, none of this is true. Angels- if Christianity is true, then angels must exist. We should be encountering them often, seeing them as they take human form and as they make important pronouncements. They can even kill us if they so desire and they can brandish burning swords to keep us out o

Doctrine of Original Sin

By Al Wm Johnson ~ T he history of most early religions formulated a dualistic split between spirit and body. This split put us above the Animal Kingdom. It made us superior to other creatures in Nature. This superiority of humans led to an anthropocentric view of humans. This dualistic split lead to the natural bodily instincts of humans as being inferior. This horrendous vilification, desecration, denigration, and contamination stance against human nature is due to a religious fear of human instincts. This anathematic fear led to the demonization and dehumanization of us as being sinners. For some virulent inflammatory religions there is the ugliness, cruelty, and abomination of the Doctrine of Original Sin ---> humans are corrupted by sin at birth. Isn’t there something unthinkable, repugnant, and drastically wrong to sanctimoniously preach babies are born sinful? Please, for one minute think about this ----> original sin is based on Adam and Eve disobeying God a

Dechristianized & Unchurched

From Mark ~ H i Guys, Thought I'd just give a little update since my last post. It's been over six years that I called it Quits. To be exact, 29 Aug 2012. Life has not been exactly rosy as I had expected back then, just because there was stuff to be worked out. But having said that, I felt I was more in control of my life although the road was dark and slippery at times. I felt I was more free and liberated to follow my own path, my own heart and gut, which while it might not to be everyone's liking, is actually what prayer and faith is all about. I still keep in touch with some friends from church as we are still friends, but sometimes I feel sick in the stomach when they start talking about how you must have more faith, pray more, fast more, tithe more, give more. Anyway, long story short, its been the best and most exhilarating six years I ever had. I am free. Thank You !!

Christianity denigrates human wisdom

By Michael Runyan ~ I n 1 Corinthians 3:18-20, we read a revealing scripture: Do not deceive yourselves. If any of you think you are wise by the standards of this age, you should become “fools” so that you may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness” ; and again, “The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile." So, according to this scripture, the discovery of the germ theory of disease and the development of treatments and vaccines to prevent the death and suffering of millions of people was ‘foolishness’ in God’s sight. Even though God himself, through Jesus, failed to provide this insight. The absurdity of this scripture is evident. Newton’s theory of gravity- foolishness. Copernicus’s model of the solar system- foolishness. Einstein’s theory of relativity- foolishness. This list could go on forever, but the conclusion is the same. God sees human wisdom as foolish

Autism, Christianity, and other Obstacles

By Aspieguy ~ S ometimes when I think that I have my autism under control, it has a way of dispelling my fantasy. I recently took a short trip to Las Vegas earlier this year. Yes, I had misgivings about this trip, but my daughter was getting married there. On a Saturday night in Vegas I was finally overcome by sensory overload because of the lights, crowds, and noise. I'm unsure that most people could understand the terror and shame that results from sensory overload. I have no filter for noises and lights. I hear everything at the same volume (loud). Fluorescent lights flicker. Crowds of people are disorienting. That's my reality. The worst part actually was my Christian, neurotypical wife. She claimed that I really have the ability to choose my reaction to sensory overload. Not true. So common among Christians is the belief that all behavior is "chosen". They have it all figured out. They are right. Those of us with different brains are wrong. How dare someo

Another Visit from the Virgin Mary

By Carl S ~ I t's been some time since the Virgin Mary made an appearance. If you were raised Catholic, you know every August 15 is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. For those unaware of this: the feast is based on a belief that Mary was “assumed,” i.e., taken up alive into Heaven. (Different kinds of assumptions are held regarding the Virgin Mary. For example, it is assumed she told the truth when she explained how she became pregnant.) Unlike Jesus, who will return only once, according to that same Church, Mary has been returning periodically. There were her appearances at Lourdes, Guadeloupe, and Fatima, for example. She had messages to bring then. It shouldn't be a surprise then that she arrived in these troubled times of “fake news” and “alternative truths” to clear up some “misconceptions” (no pun intended.) This morning, Mary came back to Earth. She floated down in a local pasture in Bremen, Maine, in the U.S.A. The observing farmer phoned our neares