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Neither Lost nor Saved

By Carl S ~ T his is all about relationships, so I think you should be warned before you decide to have a relationship with “God.” You'd better think about “him” first. I found a Calvin and Hobbes strip that kind of states things simply. Calvin asks, “If heaven is good and I like to be bad, how am I supposed to be happy there?” That's my question. I couldn't be happy living in a place where I'm not allowed to act up, misbehave, or blaspheme. Give me an environment I'm free to sin in, where I'm allowed to be bad. But that's not what this “God” has in store to reward me if I'm good! And another thing; “He” doesn't believe humans can suffer too much; there are no limits he sets for suffering. Now, if you still insist after knowing these things, feel free, because there's nothing more I can say to change your mind. When I was 7 years old, I was victimized by a pedophile. My parents habitually sent me on dusk time errands to pick up snacks and r

Clean Restrooms in Heaven

By Tim Sledge ~ I ’ll bet the restrooms in heaven will be exceptionally clean. “Restrooms in heaven?” you ask. I can see the look on your face. You’ve never thought about this, have you? But it doesn’t take an exegetical expert to figure it out. The resurrected Jesus ate some fish, and the New Testament is big on a bodily resurrection when Jesus comes back. Besides, how could there not be eating in heaven? Based on the consumption of food I’ve witnessed at more pot luck dinners than I can count, Christians will be mighty disappointed if there’s no food up there. And who would disagree? What fun would heaven be with no hot pancakes, no hamburgers, and no ice cream. Can you imagine spending eternity wishing you could have one more hot chocolate chip cookie? Not only is it logical to expect to eat in heaven, it makes perfect sense to assume the food will be out of this world. I’m a little embarrassed to bring the next item up, and my wife would say I’m being crude, but i

My Divorce from Religion

By R.H. ~ I was raised in Homestead, Pa. by my Mother and Grandmother from the time I was six years old. My Grandmother and her parents were charter members of the Methodist Church there. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to move and split up in 1946. My Grandmother went to a Jewish friend's home in Squirrel Hill, and my Mother and I went to St. Clair Shores Mi. to an Aunt's and Uncle's home. We joined the local Methodist Church there. By that time I was 14. In the summer of our first year there – 1947 – they held evangelical meetings during the week. I went to one. Fortunately I arrived late and had to stand in the rear. I remember the name of the jackass who was the speaker. Henry Screws Jr . I didn't stay long. I thought he was crazy. He didn't put the fear of God in me, but at the time it was the fear of religion. I sure as hell didn't want to be like him. I left before he was finished and started to divorce myself from re

No longer a "Man of God"

By Rico ~ M y journey started about seven years ago WHILE in active missionary ministry. Wow. Now, turning 67 tomorrow, I am still in the throws of trying to leave my faith, but having a difficult time doing it. Like many pastors who no longer believe but who are stuck in between the cognitive dissonance of belief and "everybody" knowing they are the greatest "man of god" they know, I am having a difficult time figuring out what to do. Furthermore, my good marriage has belief/faith as its central rock of support. I cannot and will not part from that. So what in the heck to do. I do like Zen Buddhism. Buddhism teaches you to not accept anything on faith, not even the deepest Buddhist teachings. I like meditating and it helps me relax and be calm in life. It's a good thing. But the Christian part is bothersome since I am asked to speak and preach regularly. I am sure you have heard similar stories. Inasmuch as I do believe there is a "god"

Fundamentalist Christian Values

By Carl S ~ “What glory is there in an omnipotent being torturing forever a puny little creature who could in no way defend himself?” - Charlotte Perkins Gilman. T his “glory” of God is a Christian value. I have been asked, “Don't you believe in something (meaning 'someone') greater than yourself?” Let me ask you, “How long would you, or even those higher animals in the wild, be able to watch a person or animal being tortured before you'd say “Enough!”? Would it be after minutes, hours, days, weeks? What about forever? At which point in the torturing would you say the torturer is “greater” than yourself? Believing someone who tortures for eternity is all-loving is a Christian value. On the subject of an afterlife, I'll add my comments following Mandy's “ Atheists in Hell .” Be glad there is no hell, heaven, and no eternal life. The worst scam perpetuated on humanity is “eternal life.” It's the most famous religious b.s. beside which all others pal

Naked in the Garden

By Ronna Russell ~ This is a satirical piece I wrote just for fun: I am the Serpent, I am I am. Now everyone knows that the serpent is more subtle than any beast which the LORD God made. I am a beast I am I am Which is what I’m thinking as I slither and slink like vapor through the bows of the bewitchment tree and smell the woman below. The scent of her innocence coats my tongue as I descend onto the soft curve of her bare shoulder. And I said to her I said have you tried all the fruit in the garden yet? Which one did the Lord God forbid? Even though I already knew the answer. And the woman she whispered against my scales she said we can eat all the fruit from any of the trees in the whole garden except this one right here. That Lord God guy-I think he owns the place-he said we can’t even touch these bananas or we’ll die. And I said to the woman, I said Naaaah you’ll be fiiiiine. He just doesn’t wanna share. He knows your eyes will open up, you’ll seeeee

The Cross Makes Double Crossers

By Carl S ~ B illions have been told “Judas Iscariot” was the ultimate betrayer. Consider “his” side of things. “He” served a man who was a blasphemer. According to his Jewish faith, blasphemers must be executed. Judas made the right decision. Billions have been told Jesus said “it would have been better if he had not been born.” (an abortion option?) The Vatican didn't take Jesus at his word when it said not to be so hard on Judas, because, without playing his part in “god's plan,” there wouldn't be any “redemption!” Judas is a distraction when it comes to betrayers. Christianity has been betraying innocent children and their trusting parents by the millions. This goes with their authority. Lying and betraying are the God-given rights bestowed on God's clergy. Each pastor who commits adultery and/or embezzles church funds betrays his wife, family, and congregation. Every religious institution abusing children entrusted to it betrays the trust and the children. Na

Religion creates two problems that God ignored

By Michael Runyan ~ R eligion creates two major problems neither of which God is doing anything about. First, there is the situation where many religions exist and conflict with each other, leading to hatred and violence being spewed across theological battle lines. If everyone followed the same religion in same way, things would be a lot better, but not completely. This leads into the second major problem with religion. It tends to be tethered to the mores, ethics, and knowledge existing at the time of its creation. That combined with an inherent resistance to change leads to the penetration of archaic themes into modern times with its more evolved zeitgeist. For example, Christianity was consistent with the morality existing in its early years, with its defense of slavery, repudiation of homosexuality, subjugation of women, teaching of creationism, disregard of animal rights or the health of the biosphere, but these ideas have now lost their respectability. Thus even if only o

How do I overcome this confusion?

From Michael ~ H ello, If you guys don’t mind I’d like to request some advice. I’m on the fence about religion at the moment. I used to be a Christian, as I was raised in a predominantly Christian household. My Mom and Grandma brought me to Mass every Sunday, and I spent my time in primary school in a Christian school. However, I’m starting to question things, and I’m confused because of it. For example, I sometimes ask myself questions like, "If there is a God, why has he allowed so many people to suffer over the thousands of years of our existence. If he loves us, why does he let us suffer?" I’ve also asked myself the question of, "If there was nothing before God created us then how did he exist? Does God have his own God?" He couldn’t have just existed without any kind of explanation right? I think the most important question however is: "How do I overcome this confusion?" Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.