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Kumbaya, m'lord

By Juan --

Good humans of all religious persuasions...

It is with a heavy heart and a trembling hand that I write these words to you today. The last several days have witnessed an unprecedented rise in the levels of hatred and animosity on this blog. It is as if a giant rift has split the brotherhood of mankind asunder...

Ma, you mean I can grow up and become presiden...Image by Globetoppers via Flickr

During times such as these, it is the children who bear the brunt of the suffering. It is for them that I sob brokenheartedly. With each unfeeling insult hurled, with every cruel barb traded, one of these little one's future is irreparably shattered. Alas, all is lost...

In spite of the grief it is causing me, I will continue to read the posts here, but know this-- every difference of opinion will send a fresh stream of tears coursing down my cheeks.

Be there a god? Let him smite me down; for in death I shall surely find welcome respite from my agony.

Juan Marco, President, CEO, and Commander in Chief of the Association of Medicinian Conglomerates