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Going forward in reverse

By harvesterofsorrow ~

I have been reading this site and cheering for all of you who are coming out of the death cult of the zombie jew. I have lost ten years of my life to this non-sense. At one point in time I was a ministerial student until I woke up. I began to research the history of the bible of this invisible sky daddy and found out some interesting things. All of you know what I am talking about, the constant changes and revisions the thousands of denominations that result from these lies. Of course the immoral preachments that are spewed at us and dressed up as good and holy. How I hate it all. I hate the made up messiah, I hate the constant guilt that I had, most of all I hate the time that I wasted AND the money that I wasted on this tripe.

BAPTismImage by dtcchc via Flickr

I can relate and empathize with many of you. I came out to my father and I really do not know of the full implication there. Some background from me. I grew up as many do in a divorced home. With a dangerously unbalanced mother an abusive stepfather that I fought with regularly. My father is a fundamentalist pentecostal so on visits he took me to church. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. You former penties know what I am talking about. I clung to this faith because I believe that it was really the only thing keeping me afloat in my home. Anyway, speeding it up, about five months ago -- it is true what they say that when you go to seminary that you loose your faith. It happened to me. It has been the greatest experience of my life! I owe it to this website and the understandings of psychology and science. The Abrahamic religions are a form of malignancy that has kept mankind back too long. I, for one am tired of tolerating all of this nonsense and treating it like it is of some kind of good thing. It is not, it is debasement mixed with solopsism and taught to children as a great wonder. Again, I hate it all. I am with you. You are my people. I am grateful for this site and thankful for all of your bravery.