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God loves prolificity

By Dano ~

This article is based on the assumption that there is an intelligent God, and that, he/she/it, made everything, has perfect knowledge of everything, past, present, and future, and can do anything. I personally find all religions, so lacking in critical thought, logic, reality, and just plain common sense, to be good for nothing more than a good laugh, therefore this piece of prose, wholly of my own opinion!

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If you believe that God is something like an old man, up in the sky, watching everything we do, especially who we have sex with, and where and when, and how, you are absolutely correct. God's plan for us , and why he made the mating process so pleasurable is, God likes babies, lots of them. It's in his very own instruction book. (Go forth and multiply)

Unless you are reproducing God could care less about you. He designed us to start falling apart as soon as we quit reproducing.

He also likes it when we help our fellow man to reproduce.When we feed the people of third world countries and enable them to reproduce,it pleases god. Poor people, when they are properly fed and clothed, tend to have the instinct to produce as fast as they can with little regard for much else.

God made our very conception a competition of the strongest fastest swimming sperm, so that the winner in the race to the egg, has the best chance to be the one to fertilize it, and produce a human that produces fast, strong sperm in turn.

God likes STRONG sperm, especially when they find healthy fertile eggs, not caring one twit about the billions of eggs and sperm not willing or able to participate in his plan to create more people.

God apparently likes smart people too and put them at the top of the food chain. Why? Smart people do better in life than dumb people, because they are more able to adapt to harsher circumstances, eat better, and live longer and REPRODUCE more, that's all.

The problem is that although big brains have been huge assets in the past for surviving and reproducing, they ultimately may be responsible for the demise of the human race, what with all of the pollution, and poisoning of the air and water,we are doing, in the process of being so successful with feeding and clothing more and more people.

So it seems that God has a backup plan, just in case humans forget the primary reason he made us smart in the first place, to live longer and reproduce more. He has termites waiting in the wings, so to speak. They number in the trillions. I read somewhere that all of the termites in the world actually weigh more than all of the humans.They are reproducing machines, reproducing with an efficiency that puts us to shame, without, as far as I know, producing anything that causes global warming. It seems that god has a plan for termites or their cousins , the cockroach to inherit what's left of planet earth if humans self destruct, trying to feed everybody. Of course our heavenly father hopes that we will wake up and start using our brains to think about our dwindling natural resources. After all he made us to look like him, his children, so to speak,and it would be a shame if he had to start all over "AGAIN", and remake himself to look more like a termite!