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The Curse of the Soul

By John Drover ~

So humans are the ONLY ones with souls. If Christianity is true, then humans are the only ones CURSED with souls. Let me explain:

Desolation Row #1Image by an untrained eye via Flickr

To be very generous, let's say 10% of all of humanity make it to heaven, (only 1/3 of the world human population are christians, and out of those, only a small percentage will be in the correct denomination and live up to the requirements to get into heaven, so 10% overall is VERY generous) so the other 90% goes to a FIERY HELL TO BE TORTURED FOR ETERNITY - that's right, for EVER, AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER, in CONSTANT PAIN AND MISERY FOREVER!!!!!

Yet, every dog, every cat, every worm, every bird, every shark, every snail, every mosquito, every rattlesnake, every orangutan, every honey badger of South Africa (considered the meanest land animal) and even every piranha (considered the meanest fish) will NEVER have to go to Hell. They all get blessed with the avoidance of ETERNAL torture after they die, and have the privilege of entering the state that all living creatures experience for billions and billions of years before birth ... the calmness of unconsciousness. Please tell me HOW being a human and having a soul is a "good" thing? Think about it, the worst that can happen after death for a snail is the peacefulness of being unconscious. And the best that can happen is the peacefulness of being unconscious. As a human, the worst that can happen is being one of the 90% that get tortured for ETERNITY in HELL, yet the best that can happen is being one of the 10% that live an ETERNITY in servitude to a jealous, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic dictator.

Personally, I envy the snail.