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What's the point?

By  Steve ~

I am a person who was brought up in Pentecostal churches, with all the speaking in tongues, people falling over when hands were laid upon them, and absolute FEAR of the Devil or Hell or death. It has done nothing but cause me to have extremely bad nerves as an adult, and I fight it daily.

What IS the Point?Image by quinn.anya via Flickr
I have been questioning Christianity since I was a kid. I never could believe that God would send so many people to hell. Now that I'm an adult, I can tell you that with some great amount of thinking, I have decided that the stories in the Bible make absolutely no sense at all.

Please attempt in your mind to answer a few of the following questions and see if any of it still makes sense to you.
  1. Why was there rebellion in heaven? If God and heaven are so perfect, why did a rebellion happen there? 
  2. Why did God put people on the earth after he sent Satan and his bad angels there? Surely he knew Satan would try to influence us? 
  3. Why did God send Jesus to perform all those miracles when the only way to document anything was a papyrus leaf? Why doesn't he show himself now when we can record it? 
  4. Why would God let anyone go to hell just because they needed proof of his existence in a world full of hoaxes and schemes?
  5. What in this world can you do in this short life to deserve an ETERNITY of damnation? 
  6. If God knows everything, then he knew when you were born if you were going to hell or not, so what's the point of any of this?
I'm not even ready to call my self atheist, because I just don't know yet about the whole concept, but I'm definitely thinking Christianity is not the way.