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A Source of Misery

An introduction to a newly published book by Mriana, a regular contributor to this site ~

While some may find religion comforting, others do not. Eventually they leave their religion and begin a journey of their own. Some struggle to recover from the damaging affects and scars that some religious beliefs leave behind. Some read books that may leave them flat because they suggest no alternatives.

A Source of MiseryThis is not your average book about non-theism. It tells the story of one woman who grew up in an Evangelical family, left home, changed denominations, and eventually left the Church. Along her journey she meets interesting people and finds help to overcome the pain some religious beliefs have caused from various non-theists. She finds a new way of life and begins to experience the "good life".

This is non-realism, non-theism, humanism, pantheism, and existentialism in action at various times over a lifetime, as one human struggles to survive and heal. Sometimes it's sad and depressing. Other times it is inspiring.

This book also attempts to inform and give resources for help and further research, as well as suggest alternatives to theism.

Note: Mriana's book is available in book form in our Bookstore and in an electronic version at Lulu.Com.