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He Is Not Risen

By ThinkTank ~

Christianity. A belief system based on a god who isn’t there, first humans who never existed, and a savior who is absent from the historical record. The idea that ‘christianity is good’ is a societal delusion that currently enjoys a privileged status.

How do I know? I know because I had to read “He is risen!” all day long on Facebook, but I cannot post “He is not risen”. If I did, I would be accused of being hateful, out of line, insensitive, and inconsiderate. I would run the risk of being deleted as a friend and removed from future family gatherings.

I noticed that other non religious people also abstained from making “He is not risen” status updates. And why is that? It is because christianity enjoys a privileged status and it’s not worth the social penalty for most people.

A group or idea that enjoys privileged status is one that will tolerate no dissention and will actively punish those who challenge it. In the past, ideas that challenged privileged status holders were things like emancipation, women’s right to vote, child labor laws, civil rights, equal rights, and child abuse.

Both “He is risen” and “He is not risen” are simple truth claims and yet there is tremendous pressure for the non-religious to be silent while privileged Christians are free to chortle such things as:

“HE LIVES, HE LIVES, let the world know, let the world know that our God LIVES. Don't all caps in computer-land mean you're shouting? Well then, yes, I am!”

Both “He is risen” and “He is not risen” are simple truth claims and yet there is tremendous pressure for the non-religious to be silent This particular proclamation was written by someone who knows how painful my loss of faith was. It is possible that they were trying to be a good witness to me. But it is more likely that they were not thinking about me at all. This is because the pain and trauma caused by Christianity will not be heard by them or by society at large.

If I were to say that Christianity took my childhood, filled me with fear, paralyzed me with anxiety, annihilated my Self, robbed my body of feeling, stole my future, gave me an unequal marriage role, and cost me thousands of dollars, christians would dismiss it with “You were in the wrong church, you take things too seriously, or you made your choices based on your own free will”.

It is no better when I talk to those raised outside of Christianity. They gently suggest that I’m over sensitive or making a big deal out of nothing or that I don’t understand who jesus really was or that it couldn’t have been all that bad since I turned out to be such a nice person.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that Christianity completely messed up my life?!?!?!

If I had been discriminated against, beaten, sexually abused, traumatized by an act of violence, or raped, I would be heard. I would receive sympathy. I would be given psychological care. I would have legal recourse and protection.

However, I am a trauma victim that society does not hear. I receive no sympathy or treatment. There are no legal avenues for me. My children and nieces and nephews cannot be protected.

I cannot even post on Facebook, “He is not risen.”