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Raise up a child...

By Sputnick ~

I was raised in a non-religious home by parents who rejected religion, but who unfortunately didn't understand or feel that there was such a thing as faith (non-religious). It has been a double whammy going through life this way: A lot of trial and error -- if you know what I mean -- because the morals were thrown out with the bath water.

Atheism, Morality, and Meaning (Prometheus Lecture Series)Because of the lack of morals and poor role modeling, I took a detour through Hell itself. But, I was taught to work hard, and I did work through this all.

My conclusion: Give your child some kind of moralist creed or religion (yes, even religion, but without any kind of Hate). Tell them that their religion is not the only true one as soon as possible, (early teens) before they set themselves up as judges to their friends and the whole Human Race. This way they'll get a strong start and stay out of trouble till their silly little underdeveloped moral faculties can start to use inductive logic.