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God Doesn't Give Special People Special Needs Children

By Tammy ~

I am the mother of a 20-year old child who was born with cerebral palsy and mental retardation. Why do Christians feel the need to tell those of us who have special needs children that god "chose" us to be the parents of these disabled children? Really - well then how do they explain the little boy who was in the hospital at the same time my child was a few years ago? This sweet, precious child had cerebral palsy and mental retardation (just like my own child) and one day my dd's respiratory therapist came in to do my dd's breathing treatment and I could tell she was very upset about something. She told me about this little boy and how sad it was that he was in the hospital all alone and no one ever came to visit him because his mother was a drug addict and his father was in prison, so he'd been made a ward of the state and put in a nursing home. She told me she sat and held him while she gave him his breathing treatment and how it broke her heart that this sweet little boy - who'd done NOTHING to deserve being in this condition - had no one in the world who loved him. We both sat there and cried for this little boy.

This isn't the only story I've heard over these past 20 years about the abuse special needs children take because the truth is god does NOT give special people special needs children. That's nothing but a crock made up by Christians so they can feel less guilty that their children or grandchildren aren't disabled. Christians, if you can't say something intelligent and helpful, don't say anything at all to those of us who have disabled children. We don't want to hear we're "special" people and that's why our children were born disabled. If that was the case, then what does that make you all - bad parents whom god couldn't trust to give a special needs child to so he gave you a healthy child? That's insane! You're only making yourselves feel better, not the special needs parent.