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The Mind of God

By Palmer ~

I was talking to myself in my living room, as many thinkers do I suppose, and suddenly had this thought. "How is it that the Religious, and Xtians in particular, seem to believe that they understand or 'know' the mind of God?" This got my metaphorical Mind-Hamster running.

After a good period of about ten minutes, I had it! Aha! I said to my self: This supposed God, in the minds of the Religious, created the entire universe, from the particles to the Red Giants. Everything in this universe that ever has or ever will be was created by this God. This of course, includes each and every law, including the ones not yet discovered. These Laws have been studied for generations upon generations by scientists who have spent the entirety of their lives thinking, learning, and paying massive student loans that would put a Loan Shark to shame. All in the earnest search of the truth.

Now, these Xtians suppose to know and understand the very mind of God, so one would assume that they also understand each and every Law in the entire universe right? If one understand the mind of the All Knowing One, than is it unreasonable to assume that this understanding would lead to them also knowing all there is to know about, say, Entropy? I know, I know, Thermodynamics, but hey, let’s try it out.

Lets keep in mind that this God created the ENTIRE universe and all of her glory. Knowing this, I implore any Xtian to look at the formula for Entropy and say “Ah! I see, . Yeah, God told me all about that.” I bet you’ll likely get dumb looks and stares. Does anyone know of a single person who has ever been able to do this? Is there a single human being on this big, bluish-green orb that literally knows the mind of any God? Obviously no, due to there being none, but I’d like a second opinion.

Thanks for your time everyone. I hope to get some corrections in my argument. Advice and suggestions are definitely welcome. Sorry for the extremely short post. I’ll do better next time. Oh! And if anyone wants to add more, feel free to comment on your additions. Thanks!