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Chris Stedman - Born Again to Atheist: a Humanist's path

Writer & Humanist Chaplaincy Fellow, Harvard University 

Chris Stedman talks about becoming a Christian, leaving the faith, and his current efforts as  a secular humanist working to foster positive and productive dialogue between faith communities and the nonreligious. Chris is the Interfaith and Community Service Fellow for the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard  and the Managing Director of State of Formation. He is also the founder and author of NonProphet Status and a columnist for The Huffington Post Religion, where his work is among the most commented upon in the site's history. Chris is also the youngest member of The Washington Post’s On Faith panel. Chris serves on the Leadership Team of the Common Ground Campaign, and he previously worked with Interfaith Youth Core. Chris is writing a book on his work and speaks regularly as a member of the Secular Student Alliance Speakers Bureau. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)