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First/last straw for me ...

By Lock ~

OK, this is all really new and a 180-degree way of thinking for me, being raised and always considering myself a Christian, but if you look at recent comments of mine, you'll see where I am today.

Was driving to work today and this thought/story came to me....

A mother sent her two kids out to the backyard to play, and told them to have fun, but DO NOT go over to that corner of the yard, bad things could happen to them if they do. they are good kids, but a little naive and inexperienced in the ways of the world. now, what see didn't tell them was that that corner of the yard had land mines buried in it. These mines wouldn't kill them, but it would maim them, and injure them for life.

This Mom's neighbor, with the adjacent yard, separated by a fence, had knowledge of these land mines, and the Mom knew she did, in fact that had a discussion while the land mines were being buried, over the fence. The Mom also knew that this neighbor was an ex-con (violent murder), hated kids, and came across as very persuasive and had a knack for getting people to do things for her. One day this neighbor said, half-jokingly, "what would happen if my ball went over into your yard and your kids ran over to get it for me?" The mom told herself that she had told her kids not to go over into that corner for ANY REASON, and that they would listen. In fact, she didn't see any reason that she should interfere if her neighbor did such an awful thing, and thus did not watch her kids when they were in the yard, watching soaps instead on tv, with the blinds closed. And, she told herself, if they did do it and their legs got blown off, they got what was coming to them for not obeying her.

Well, if you haven't got the point yet, what happened was exactly that. The kids were playing in the "good" part of the yard, the neighbor went out and her ball somehow went over the fence to the bad part of the yard, she asked them to get it for her. They told her they weren't allowed to go to that part of the yard, that bad things would happen if they did. The neighbor, being very persuasive, told them that was poppycock, what would possibly happen to them in the their own yard, it would "be fine!". So, they went over there to get the ball and got their legs blown off, maimed for life.

What did the mother do? She told them she told them not to go over there, and now they, and all their offspring and their offspring's offspring, ad infinitum, would no longer have legs.

Good, loving mother? Wants the best for her kids?

OK, for me, only 2 conclusions can be made.
  1. God is awful if the story is true, it was a total set-up, and who would do that to those they love?
  2. The story is not true.

Your thoughts?

OH, and current Christians: Commenting is fine as far as I'm concerned, for this thread. If this site's rules are otherwise and comments get filtered, I understand.