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The curse of prophecy

By Stephen O'Brien ~

Below is a letter I wrote to the Athesit Experience, who I love to listen to, but I also wanted to post it here for your insight on the below letter.

Dennis Cramer, a true prophet?
First and foremost, I thank you for what you do. Your knowledge and insight has been a tremendous help to me and many other former Christians.

Anyways, the reason for my email is I need some clarity and further insight and I thought to myself who better to ask than you, since I must admit you are very firm in what you believe and you speak with a lot of confidence.

Here is my dilemma, though I am an ex Christian, I am still a believer. What I mean by that is despite the evidence of evolution, despite the inconsistencies in the bible, and despite the dogmatic narrow thinking path of Christianity and the thousands of denominations, I still believe.

What I mean by that is despite knowing that the god of the bible is evil, nasty, rude, a bully, harsh and demanding, this is what I believe. I spent many years in the church taking it all in without question. But I was always told that God loves! God’s gift is free! God does not require anything from us, despite noticing the contrary. But despite the evidence proving the contrary, I believe! But what makes matters worse is I believe the God of the Bible that is evil is also real! I believe the fraudulent, controlling, selfish, insecure God, despite how absurd, is the real one! This obviously has left me very depressed and I have had difficulty sleeping at night sometimes because of this.

But furthermore, the reason why I believe this is because when I was attending the Pentecostal church, I became obsessed and fascinated by “the magic!” You know, the speaking in tongues, the slain in the spirit, the manifestations, and most deadly, the prophecies!!! And prophecies is the primary reason for this email.

When I was heavily involved in the church, there was a prophet who visited us in 1999. His name was Dennis Kramer. I have tried to do a Google search on him, but not much is posted on him debunking him. As a matter of fact, most of it is positive reviews on how accurate he is.

Anyways, in 1999 he prophesied on me and was very accurate. First he talked about what I was going through at that time and how I was feeling, then talked about some of the personality issues I have, then talked about what will happen to me.

This is the main reason why I have had a hard time debunking Christianity. This man has been doing this for years. He walks around the church giving one prophecy after another and does not ask questions.

But this is where you come in! Personally I would be an atheist if I can debunk the “magic” I experienced in the church. Dennis Kramer has been doing this for way to long for him to not have some kind of insight. It has left me so anxious! I want to be an atheist and be able to explain the magic scientifically, but right now I don’t think I can. In the meanwhile I am going to still believe in evil bible god who likes to control and manipulate then call it love! It’s quite unfortunate!

I should also mention that Dennis Kramer has a School of Prophecy, where he supposedly teaches people how to prophesy. This really confuses me. I am almost tempted to take the class, but I am afraid of what I might learn!

So what is your take on Dennis Kramer and his “gift” of prophecy? How do you think he does this if it is not a spiritual gift? Figuring this out could finally be my ultimate ticket to freedom. I have a lot riding on this.