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Your De-conversion story in 30 seconds

For the YouTubers, there's a new project out there under development by "Truth-Saves.Com" entitled "30 Sec. Deconversion."

Why 30 seconds? Because shorter videos = more voices getting heard.

It may seem like not enough time, but think of it more as a trailer for your full length story and feel free to include an annotation linking to the full story.

STEP 1. Make a video telling the world you de-conversion story. Videos must be 30 seconds (give or take a few seconds).

STEP 2. Go to this link on YouTube to upload your video as a "Video Response" to the 30 sec. De-conversion video. (You can log in or register on that page if necessary.) Please put the URL somewhere in the text description when you upload your video.

For a more thorough explanation about this project, go to 30Sec. De-Conversion.