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It's a sin to think for yourself

By Dano --

I am inclined to think that people who believe in Christianity or Islam any faith based religion, are intellectually inferior, not as highly evolved as I am, but I know that not to be true.

think for yourselfImage by pixelviz via Flickr
I know that I am not as smart as many others that I have known, and indeed, I am intellectually lazy.

I read what is written here on ex Christian, and know for a fact that I could never be as learned, or have the command of the English language, as some of the contributors here, not to mention the tenacity to think through the intricacies of a subject that they seem to have.

A few year back I asked Dr. Valerie Tarico how a very intelligent person could possibly believe all the nonsense in the Bible, and she replied that some of the most intelligent are the most able, to dig themselves in the deepest. Not a direct quote, but I took it to mean the obvious. Really intelligent people have the capacity to fool not only others to a great degree, but themselves as well.

So the next time you are inclined to think of some of the poor, deluded fools, who come here to preach about how much Jesus suffered for you, as retarded, be nice, it may not be true. They just might not be as lucky as you . Even if you are smarter than the average bear, It ain't easy getting out of a cult that implies that it's a sin to think for yourself.