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Why the Trinity (and Christians) are Rather Absurd.

By Ancey --

Recently, one day, while driving home by myself, I thought about religion, as I often do lately, and somehow my mind wandered to the concept of the Trinity.

Luca Rossetti da Orta, The Holy Trinity', fres...Image via Wikipedia

As any of us here do, I am no longer a Christian, and so it gives me plenty of time to question all of their concepts and strange ability to create a monotheistic religion, even with the various degrees of demigods, angels and demons and saints, almost all of which are supernaturally powers and can 'answer prayers' for many worldwide.

We all know what the Trinity is, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

while I was thinking about the absurdity of this trinity in being three individuals and yet one being (to tote the precious concept of their religion being of 'only one God!'), I thought then, why are Christians so unable to allow Jews and Muslims to go to heaven with them?

Many Christians are under the impression that Jews and Muslims are misguided, not worshiping their precious Jesus, they are all doomed to go to hell for eternity (even when Jews don't believe in hell, or heaven for that matter, and they came along first!)

But, thinking about it... If the Trinity is a single diety (as many claim), then wouldn't the worship of one mean the worship of all?

I'm sure many could cry "but they don't believe in Jesus!"

So what? They believe in your Abrahamic God of the Desert, and if God is a part of the Trinity, wouldn't believing in him mean that according to your religion, as Jesus, God, and the Spirit are all wrapped into one Mega-Super-God (however they keep on carting this absurd concept is beyond me.) they believe in all?

Consider the ramifications of the concept of the Trinity. Why are they all one God yet not one God?

So, once again, I find myself shaking my head at the strangeness of this 'monotheistic' religion that somehow manages to have three Gods be one, the God that creates the world, impregnates a virgin magically, fathers himself while not creating himself, crucifies himself to himself and then raises himself from the grave to sit by his own right hand in 'heaven'.

Tell me how this makes sense in a way that... actually makes sense!