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The Truth is the Truth

By eveningmeadows --

"You can believe what you want to about the bible, but THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH"!

Looking for a Truth TrainImage by Carmyarmyofme via Flickr

That was the beginning of the end for this relationship with a xtian that I had met again after leaving the church. I felt many emotions at reading such a simple sentence that would have made perfect sense to me in my "born again" days. But this time the statement sparked different emotions. First was anger. How dare this person think that SHE possesses the only truth! How dare she judge me and consider me a non follower of truth just because my truth isn't hers? And why does she think she has the right to elevate herself to the point of some kind of all-knowing being? But of course I knew why, because the next emotion was how sad to think like that. I understood the years of brainwashing that gives people the feeling that their truth is THE TRUTH. Once I realized why she believed as she did, I didn't feel like such a lowly heathen. I was brainwashed too. Then there are the people who taught us this stuff, they were brainwashed, and the chain just goes on and on.

When I was going through my questioning and doubts of religion, I was reminded of being on a train and falling off, jumping off, whatever, but the people in the train take no notice, and the train keeps right on going. If I want to get back on, I have to run and catch up and get back on, but I'll get no help. If this person rejects THE TRUTH, she'll fall off the train just like I did. Her whole life will change, her life that revolved around the church is over as she knew it. The security of "group think", "friends", "ministry", all revolves around staying on the train. At least the born again train. Her truth.

I was lucky. I jumped off the train and didn't try to get back on. It takes courage to back out of something that just isn't right and give up all the security you thought you had. Maybe she honestly doesn't have any thoughts of her own, maybe no doubts. Is she lucky? I don't think so.

I was always a loner, an outsider. It never bothered me to be alone, to not be in a group. Perhaps that isn't the kind of person she is, or maybe she just isn't that bright. Or I should say a thinker. Is she happier that way? Maybe for her, but not for me. I had to listen to the questions and find answers. I didn't find any, so I jumped off the train. And she goes on her merry way, no real concern or understanding of why I did. Not seeing all the people standing on the tracks waving good bye, not seeing all the other trains all with their own version of THE TRUTH.