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Youth minister accused of sexting teen

HOLIDAY, FL -- A 24-year-old youth pastor accused of sending dirty text messages to a 14-year-old girl at his church was arrested Wednesday.

Church youth pastor Cecil Wayne Seay was charged with transmission of material harmful to minors, a third degree felony.

The Pasco Sheriff's Office said he sent several "lustful" text messages over the course of several weeks to the minor, expressing his "restless desire to be with her."

Seay also allegedly said, "I touch myself thinking of you like I never should." He also sent a text that stated, "If you were here, would you kiss me like that?"

According to Seay's arrest report, he confessed to having "wrongful sexual typed conversations with a minor" and expressed remorse. The report also states Seay provided a written confession.

When we spoke with Seay he refused an on-camera interview. However, despite what his arrest report says, Seay explained the incident was a misunderstanding and the charges against him would be dropped.

Pastor Brian Brown, the lead pastor at Baypoint said, "The individual has been dismissed and is no longer with the church. Each employee and volunteer must undergo a criminal background check. This policy was enforced and in effect under the terms of Mr. Seay's employment."