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Who will inherit the Earth?

By Dano --

I wonder what species the next mass extinction will "naturally select" to reign supreme on this beleaguered planet. If any humans survive, what will they be like?

Australia - Alice Springs / Mereenie Loop Road...Image by vtveen via Flickr

Well, let me see. They will most certainly be able to tolerate radiation better than the present version of Homo Sapiens, because they will have thrived and reproduced themselves after the ozone layer has diminished, letting the full force of the suns ultraviolet rays de-select the weakest little sperm and eggs.

All of the nations ruled by people believing in death cults, like Christianity and Islam, will have shot off as many nuclear devices at each other as they can, with the firm belief that they will be sucked up into the sky to live with God/Allah, thus taking a lot of people who believe in magic out of the gene pool.

It seems to me that while the majority of the human race are looking up and asking God to, "pick me, pick" me there will be more than a few rational people who will be using as much of the science, that more highly evolved, brave men, have accumulated, to try to adapt to a new, less green planet.

Hopefully the Ingersolls, Newtons, and Einsteins, not to mention all those who were lucky enough to escape the shackles of religion will use their emancipated minds to find a way to survive, rather than expect a bunch of old men in funny clothes, who claim that they talk to god, to save them.

Who knows, maybe whatever created us, or should I say, whatever deemed that we should evolve to the top of the food chain, does have a plan for the continuation of human life on earth. A species of man that will be called Homo Sapiens Rationalis.

One thing is certain at least a couple of billion folks who are borderline survivalists,who cant wait for an ancient mythological character to come riding in on a winged horse, will not be the ancestors of future man, on this lush green planet, but the sad thing is that termites might be.