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By Webmdave --

Stephen Baldwin has every right to pursue a career in Hollywood or Christian ministry or both. What seems amazing to me, however, is that any Christians would believe that a very wealthy actor has gone bankrupt and lost his house, not because of poor choices he's made, but because he's a modern-day Job. That's right, Baldwin has fallen on hard times because of his religious convictions! At least that's the claim being made on the website

When I heard about this, (thanks Aaron!), I was like "What the heck is this all about?" Fortunately the site has a peachy keen Q&A to answer some of my anticipated questions:

Stephen BaldwinImage of Stephen Baldwin by Case_Foundation via Flickr
    Q- Why doesn't his family help him?
    A- His family does not perceive Stephen’s predicament as a matter of spiritual warfare. They see Stephen’s outspoken Christianity as poor choices therefore they will not help.

Dan Southern, president of Stephen Baldwin's ministry, told The Washington Post that Baldwin had no involvement in launching the website or the YouTube video.

Really? Baldwin had no involvement in a decision made by his own ministry? Huh?

Look, I have no complaint with celebrities making money and/or becoming ministers. But when a fairly successful movie actor goes belly up and loses his million-dollar house, it probably means the guy made more than a few poor money decisions. My guess is that he was living way beyond his means. Most of us can't even comprehend the financial lifestyle lesser known Hollywood celebrities enjoy. Is this guy so self-absorbed that he thinks anyone should feel bad for him?

Also from the Q&A on the website:

   Q- Why does Stephen need personal wealth?
   A- Stephen’s influence is in Hollywood. Hollywood worships money and without it you are seen as a loser and cannot be an effective influence to this group.

I wonder what the peasant Jesus (if he ever actually existed) would have thought about that explanation?