The Biggest Joke Book on Earth

By Carl S ~

Back in the 1960's there was a popular TV series called “Get Smart.” The show was a spoof of James Bond-type counter-espionage. Agent 86, a.k.a. “Smart,” was played by Don Adams. I didn't see many episodes, but I do remember a gag he often repeated. When Smart reported to the head of his agency, he would sometimes say things like, “Would you believe there were 200 of them?” There would be a long pause, and then, “Would you believe 100? What about 75?”

Would you believe this report: a guy fed 5000 men with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes? Well, would you believe 50 loaves and 200 fishes? Would you believe 500 men, and no women and children? Didn't you believe me when I told you he also walked on water? Would you believe me if I said the lake was frozen? Would you believe a man lived to be 400 years old, and then he built a gigantic boat, when any 100 year old man would have trouble building a ship model? What else?

One commentator wrote about an atheist mother…

God's Next Army

By YourBrainOnReligion --

Shocking documentary about the Christian college named Patrick Henry College, located near Washington D.C. This documentary is titled God's Next Army.

Patrick Henry CollegeImage via Wikipedia

Often times documentaries can effectively cover their entire subject-base relatively quickly, but are always made for TV and often have to be extended with lots of "fluff footage" and pointless interviews. My goal here was to remove every bit of this WITHOUT having it fire so much information at you that you couldn't stop and comprehend it, or maybe expand on your own thoughts for a moment before the next info is shot out at ya. This is my very first attempt at this, so please let me know if you would like to see more of these. It was hell to edit, but if it is educational for you, I have no problem trying to do more in the future.

And yes, before you point it out, I already realize: there ARE actually a FEW more little tiny "um" spots I could have removed. All in all it wouldn't have shortened it THAT much more though.