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Where has God been?

By Veryconfused ~

I was raised as a Chrsitian my whole life and have lived dedicated to god. When I was 14 my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. I prayed for two years, and when I was 17 she passed away. I spent my entire time in high school taking care of her -- waking up to help her go to the restroom -- and I prayed that god would save her. He never showed. I asked myself over and over how a prefect and loving god could do this.

I am sick of people telling me "It's god's plan" or "I can't tell you why these things happen, it's just life."

What the hell is the point of religion if it can't answer the toughest and most imoportant questions in life? I want to know why this happened! Where God was during this time? Why is religion here if it doesn't help?

If you are a Christian I want to talk, cause aren't you supposed to help those who are struggling? And, I want a non-christian point of view on this matter.

I'm sick of wondering what is right. Someone help me. This is my final attempt.