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No accountability

By houndies ~

It occured to me recently that while xtians are often the ones to tell a nonbeliever that he/she can have no moral code without their biblegod, they are really the ones who have no reason to be moral. Their doctrine asserts that as long as one believes in christ as the way to god, they will go to heaven.

Oops!.... I Did It AgainImage by 陳卡比 aka Scott via Flickr
I have a few xtian friends who believe "Once saved/Always saved." Regardless, the notion that xtians aren't perfect, just forgiven, is a belief that gives them no reason to be accoutable for anything at all. It's carte blanche to do whatever to whomever and not have to feel guilty. A few well placed tears to appease a scowling congregation and all is forgiven. If this is the worst punishment, then why not lie, steal, cheat, and so forth? Typically I have found the the remorse is shortlived and it's off to satisfy the old lusts of the flesh again. As Britney says, "Oops I did it again." They don't give a fig for their behaviour in this life as they believe its the next life that matters.

Nonbelievers, however, tend to realize that it's this life that matters, cuz it's the only one. If all you leave is the heading on a tombstone, you wouldn't want it to read "Here Lies Bob Smith...what an asshole!" Nonbelievers (for the most part), I think, are more appreciative of this life and what it really means when a person does pass away. We strive to be kind in this life because it makes us feel good and makes those around us feel good.

It was only after I left xtianity that I began to try and police myself to be a better person. I feel true empathy for people now, especially for those I read about on this website who struggle to leave xtianity. These are the people who are trying to stand on their own, become real and become accountable.