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Examining my beliefs

By Jet ~

I am someone that never really examined the bible and what it really says. I knew the christian belief in Jesus was based on the fact that we were all "sinners" and deserved to be tortured forever for violating the laws of the god of the bible.

John 3.16Image by lindz graham via Flickr
One day I happened to listen to the fanatical ravings of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron's "Way of the Master" program, in which they hold up the laws of the bible and demonstrate that everybody has lied, stolen, commited adultry in their heart and therefore they are completely guilty and deserve hell. But that the god of the bible made a provision that if they accept Christ they will be forgiven. I thought, Wow, i cant argue with that. I have lied and stolen and commited adultry. I was guilty of violating the law and understood why i needed salvation.

I became a full-fledged christian, but then one day I thought of something: How can a law be just if absolutely nobody can not, not break it, no matter how hard they try or want to? Furthermore, if I was created by god and "born" into sin, at what stage of the game could I not violate his impossible standards? If the god of the bible is perfect, he knows I could never live up to his standards, and would it not be more logical to make some realistic expectations of me? Also, the whole sacrifice of Jesus makes no sense. According to Christian dogma god made a son who is really him in the flesh, then had him sacrifice himself to himself to pay for a fine that he has set and could cancel but won't. How does that sacrifice negate my inability to live up to his riduculously high standards?

All this culminated on me to regard Christianity as just plain ludicris. I mean i litteraly had an epiphany. I submit to all christian that if you believe the set up of the god of the bibles laws are valid you would also believe this metaphor. Suppose there was a law on the books that said anybody that could not jump over the space needle must do a manditory two years in jail. You get hauled into court and despite every effort you just couldnt do it and the law judges you guilty and sends you off to do your two years. Would you shrug and go to jail or would you rant and rave that this is a unjust law?

If god is perfect he knew man was going to fail his standards and because he is perfect he ordained it to be so. Perfection demands no mistakes, knows all, sees all, fair to all. So by the very nature of this setup the god of the bible is not perfect because he is being unfair and downright sadistic.

Dont believe me? Lets play a little John 3:16. For god so loved the world that...

  1. He drowned the entire human race with the exception of Noah and his family, because the rest of the world was "Wicked" and unworthy to him.
  2. He kills the first born male child of Egypt to get the pharoah to obey him. 
  3. He accepted a human sacrifice from Jephthah becuse they made a deal that if god let him win the battle he would sacrifice the first thing that came out of his house, which was Jephthah's daughter. and on and on.

Results like this do not belong on the resume of a benevolent and loving supreme being. The god of the bible sure has a funny way of showing his love for his creation.

Bottom Line If you're a christian, I urge you to examine what you believe and why you believe it.