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The Taming of the Shrew God

By atheistnurse ~

I believe that taming our environment is inherent in man’s nature. Domesticating the once wild cattle, sheep, and goats have given man access to dairy products, meat, leather, and fibers for cloth. When man tamed feral dogs he gained a protector, hunting partner, and companion. Taming the wild crops gave way to agriculture and a steadier supply of food. All of this was done for man’s benefit.

So let us consider the concept of god(s). Primitive man had primitive gods. The wild, unpredictable, sometimes violent nature of these gods was part of their mystery, but primitive man was determined to use it to their advantage. Trying to figure out how to appease these gods included sacrifices of living beings, gifts of food, jewels, and precious metals. In return, man hoped for abundant crops, good hunting, big families, health, and protection from enemies.

As primitive man progressed to a more cultured society, their gods did also. Enter the OT god. He certainly fit the mold for primitive man. He was unpredictable, violent, and needed to be appeased with sacrifices. Protection from their enemies was in the form of a god-mandated order to slaughter everyone who didn’t worship their god. God was the cause of their plagues, enslavement, deaths, barren wives, and just about anything else that went wrong when they didn’t “measure up” to what god wanted. God was their excuse to steal land from heathens, murder infants, enslave captives, and just about anything else primitive man might require.

So as primitive man progressed to a more cultured society, their gods did also. Enter Jesus of the NT. Gone was the wild, unpredictable, violent god of the OT and he was replaced with **drum roll please** HIMSELF! Only a new and improved version. This god/son/human/messiah was loving, caring, and he did all sorts of good stuff for humans. He could cure blindness, lameness, demon possession, and even death! He could feed thousands with a couple of fish and some pieces of bread. He was the domesticated god of the new civilized people.

Society has evolved greatly in the last hundred years. New technology and discoveries have enhanced man’s understanding of the world and sciences. We are a thinking culture that values reason, proof, truth, and logic. Primitive god is passĂ©. NT Jesus just doesn’t measure up. The new domesticated god is REASON and TRUTH. This is the only god that modern man can truly get behind and believe in.