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An apparent contradiction?

From student ~

I first, of all, want to acknowledge the forethought of the numerous articles in this site. Each writer has evoked some contemplation of my beliefs and I appreciate that.

Finger pointingImage by Erik mit k via Flickr

I find myself tempted to debate some of the fallacies brought up; but I feel that there is not merit to it.

You accuse Christians of close mindednes; but are you not as exclusive in your thinking as well? In forsaking thought of God or any supernatural intervention, it automatically makes your mind open; but excluding liberal atheistic ideology consequently makes the individual close minded?

Biased thinking? I believe so. There is an apparent contradiction. To be open to one thing, you quite likely will be closed to another; and to judge which is closed and which is open is subject to the individual's opinion. If you deny the existence of God than you must acknowledge the presence of another being(which in most cases is the individual) or else a different ideology. You accuse God and Christians of contradictions; but I suggest you address the apparent fallacies in your own ideology.