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How do you help a little girl?

A Question from Seage V ~

I have a family gathering on the 17th of August that I'm organizing, and I've just found out that my dear older sister has fallen into the Apostolic Xtian ways, which is her own calling, but her three young daughters are also involved.

I love my nieces dearly, and I am not their mother, but they pray every night at dinner and I, quite obviously, do not.

Last time we were together my oldiest niece, (seven at the time) asked why I was not religious. My sister immediatly pulled her away and told her not to ask that. I then over heard her explaining to my niece that I was going down a dark path and to be cautious around me. It hurt me so much to hear that going into my niece's head!

I'll be seeing them again so soon and I want to explain things to her in my own way, so that she can see the good in Atheism, but how do you correct the wrong that is being done here?